Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wonderful Weather ALERT!

If you are reading this and live in Southern Ontario STOP what you are doing and go outside! You can go now if you want...don't worry, I'll wait for you to come back.
Did you go? Just in case you didn't, it feels like spring! The sun is out, it's warm..well warm-ish, bright and the snow is melting. With the exception of the snow storm we are scheduled to get Thursday evening, this may be the last we see of the cold stuff for a while.

As far as winters go we have had a real mild one and I did miss the snow at times, but there's something about days like today that affect me. I feel happy and I like feeling this happy! As I walked outside this afternoon the weather had me thinking about the summer and all the things I look forward to doing. The weather has me humming and even singing to myself. It's amazing how just a little sunshine can have such a powerful impact on my mood. Maybe I have seasonal affective disorder or perhaps I am just a guy who like the sun, either way I feel amazing right now and hope you do to.

On a different note, I did my first "Brick training session" today. This is triathlon jargon that means bike then run. It was not as hard as thought it might be, and in 30 minutes I did 11.2 miles and then immediately ran 2 miles. The transition felt weird, as I got off the bike and started to run every muscle in my lower back was still trying to ride a bike...just felt weird. After a few minutes all the muscles figured it out and it felt normal again. It's fun to have something new in my training again. Today was just a test to see how hard it will be when I start my real 20 week training program next month, but tests can be fun too right?

Anyway, I know my posts are usually a little more structured then this, but I guess this rambling post is the product of how good I feel right now... almost euphoric in fact, so I for now I don't care. Thanks for stopping by folks!

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Vesper Peeps said...

So much for that Spring-like weekend AHAHAHHAHAA! We got hit pretty hard here - Trees all over the driveway, street and power outages in the strteet lights etc. But all is melting now, I like snow, as you know, but not like this :p ahahhaha Just like a woman eh? SO Specific! ahahhah

Have a great weekend!