Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Must not...get sick....not now....please god!

It seems Karma bit me in the ass on Friday, when I was boasting to a client about never getting sick. About 24 hours later I developed a rough throat, that over the next few day was followed by a cough, fever and generally feeling very unwell. But to this point I figured it would pass, until I woke-up Tuesday morning with a gurgle in my chest and a productive (phlegm) cough, the perfect environment for pneumonia. This was the point where my laze fair "it will pass" attitude turned into "...holy shit this could screw me for my marathon". A bit panicked that my immune system (normally an impregnable suit of armour) had failed me, I went to the clinic.

Like most people, I only go to the clinic when I absolutely have no other choice. I expect a long wait and despite being impatient at the best of times, I really don't fret about the wait time. But as a nurse, the part I dread is sitting in deaths waiting room with all the other coughing, sneezing, vomiting disease ridden people. It's like being forced to pull up a chair inside a diseased gas chamber and I am always tempted to wait outside, but I reluctantly take my seat. In the clinic all the bugs and virus's combined to form this concentrated cocktail that could compromises even the strongest of immunities. With my virus shields already at half power to begin with I have the feeling I will be leaving here with more then just a prescription.

Anyway, I was eventually seen by the Doctor in only 1 hour, 15 minutes...a new record. I was diagnosed with either a URI (Upper Respiratory Infection AKA, Pneumonia) OR Influenza. WTF? I grilled the doctor for a bit and eventually she conceded to give me the meds to treat both and after even more coaxing she agreed to me treating the Pneumonia first with anti-biotics, then the influenza med as a last resort. I really pushed her on the idea to try anti-biotic treatment for pneumonia first, mostly because I don't want to take the Tamiflu (a harsh anti-viral med riddled with side effects) unless I have to.

Well after 1 day taking the anti-biotic I am pleased to tell you that I am now fever free and my coughing has been reduced by other words, I am getting better fast! I have also been taking Cold FX and it seems to have helped with my cold symptoms.

Man...what a relief! Fortunately, my training was hardly interrupted and if anything, having a couple of days off has helped heal some minor aches. With just 10 days until the race it is now full steam ahead and (fingers crossed) healthy!

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Vesper Peeps said...

Glad you got what you needed. I know it is such a shot in the foot around here If I get sick too.

I always wondered about waiting rooms - especially with the kids, glad to hear a nurses' version. It eases my thoughts knowing I'm NOT crazy and neurotic ahahahha - this stuff IS true!