Monday, February 05, 2007

Various Updates:

The past week has been so busy that it has even been difficult to find the time to post, so I apologize for the lack of updates...but I have a great excuse!

Last week we went on a mini family vacation to Great Wolf Lodge and I had planned on using some of the nightly down time to do some updates. But just as I was loading my laptop into the van on the morning we were leaving , Tanyia spotted my computer and gave me that look of death that screamed "don't even think of bringing that" and fearing for my life, I didn't. Tanyia is a very easy going girl, but don't be fooled by this. She's as tough as nails, so unless there's something I feel I have to go to war over...when she says "no", I listen.


1) YOGA -
I continue to practice yoga 3 times/week, but I don't feel as though I am doing all the positions right. I have ordered the "Beginners yoga for Dummies" DVD after reading some great reviews and believe this may be just what I need to learn the correct movements. I am also very interested in the spiritual side of yoga and want to find balance between that and the physical portion. My hope is to have enough experience under my belt by the time we go on CC 2007 that I can do it each morning when we are on Robinson Lake. This lookout I am standing on in the attached picture (taken last year) would be the perfect place and I have envisioned this as being a truly magnificent setting to find my "spiritual happy place". I have also stumbled onto a great yoga workout series on TV called Namaste and with the help of my PVR, I plan to collect all of the episodes. My gym (Goodlife), also offer group classes and although I am still reluctant to make an ass of myself in public, a friend has convinced me to go with her this Wednesday. To the guys that have jokingly poked fun at me, for the last time ...this is not Gay! Gay is not doing something 'cause I am afraid what "they" might say....I am done with that stuff.

2) Gerry's Basement - It might seem a little weird that I am reporting on my buddies basement, but I just have to get this said. Saturday night I went over to drop off some things for Marie, to say hey to Suds and to check out the progress he has made on finishing his basement. I was blown away and although I hope it didn't show at the time, I am so jealous! It looks great, but more impressive was that he had done it all himself. I have allot of respect for a man that can use his hands, as I have limited skills in that regard, but desperately want to learn and hope that Gerry "Bob Villa" Suthers, will show me the way of the nail gun. Congratulations Gerry! That is one top notch basement!

3) Gear Updates- I ordered the Amigo, our new gravity fed water filter today and was happy to find out that it had just been re-designed for 2007. It now has reinforced elastic draw strings to make hanging easy. As I said in an earlier post, this water filter will be much easier and will allow make filtering water less of a chore.
It was one year ago on Sunday that Gerry and I went to MEC for the first time to get our gear for CC 2006. In the spirit of that trip, I placed an order with MEC this morning. I bought the short version of the RidgeRest sleeping pad and 3 Cactus Creek Stuff Sacks. The Ridge rest will be used with the self-inflating thermarest I already own in hopes of giving my hips and shoulders just a bit more padding. Last year both were sore and it meant waking up every hour to turn over. The stuff sacks are 3 different colours and will be used to separate food. Instead of digging around in the food bag for that elusive last flakie, we will be separating food into 3 different bags: Breakfast/Snacks, Lunch and Dinner. This way we will only have to look through a quarter of the food!

4) New Links Section - I have added a new "Blogs I like to Read" Section to my sidebar. Feel free to check them out.

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