Friday, February 09, 2007

Yoga and Running Update:

Wednesday night I went to my first group yoga class. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous about going, mostly because the gym is a place I normally feel at home, so these feelings made it even more strange. The classes are taught in the same gym where I do much of my cardio and weight training. As I stood in the weight area outside the studio not so patiently waiting for the doors to open, I noticed more then a few confused looks from a few of my "gym friends". I just smiled and tried to ignore their expressions of "...what are you doing?". The teacher showed up and ushered us in. I grabbed a mat, removed my shoes and before long, I was doing it!

The class was an hour, but it really did seem to fly by. Lots of good are the highlights:

  • The instructor commented that I was "remarkably flexible for a beginner"
  • The female instructor seemed to be a real "touchy feeley" person and surprised me a few times when she "corrected my poses" by grabbing my but! At the time I thought little of it, but I think she was just taking the opportunity to grab my bum....and I kinda liked it :)
  • Amusing thing...we were doing this pose where you put your feet up the wall. The instructor says to me "...when we walk around upright all day the blood in our legs is trapped there...this allows all that stale blood to be returned to the body". LMAO! Yeah...if that were true I would have two rotting dead stumps for legs! Instructor: Great at teaching yoga, but not so good with her Anatomy and physiology.
I really enjoyed the class and found the instruction to be very helpful. I will be going every Wednesday from now on and will continue on my own 2 additional days a week.

Also, my "Yoga for Dummies" DVD came yesterday and I am looking forward to using it to help master the common poses. If anyone wants a free copy just shoot me and email: jim"at"

Yesterday I went for my last long hard run before my race and man was it cold! If felt so much colder then what was posted. Much of the run was with that feezing cold wind in my face and I am sure this is why it felt so much worse then it was. Despite the frigid temps, I pulled off my half-marathon distance in 1 Hour, 54 minutes and better yet, I was holding back for the first 12 kms! My race pace is 5 minute kms ( +/- 30 seconds), so if all goes well I could break my summer time of 1 hour 50 minutes! The race is 2 weeks form this Sunday and unlike my first half-Marathon, I feel so ready for this one.


Suds said...

I've been nervous at the idea of going to a yoga class but now you've changed my mind... chicks grabbin' my ass? I'm there! LOL!

Glad it was a good experience for ya buddy. I gotta go now, my legs are rotting sitting here so long...


Vesper Peeps said...

LMAO! You guys are such GUYS......That is all part of the process, Yoga IS touchy Feely, and they will adjust you accordingly all the time. In my classes at the end the teacher goes around with this awesome gel/creme and you get a 30 second neck shoulder forehead massage - in the relaxation/mediation part. After she does this I feel all tension and worry leave me, it's very soothing and cleansing.

So happy that you made it through your first live class! You are going to really enjoy this. Once you get really comfortable you should try the dedicated studio's -they are way more kharmic and clam. I found I ditched my gym yoga class because of the sweaty smell, noise, and poor environment. (It's great for High energy working out,.. but not for Yoga)

I actually have a DVD for you too! I will email you for a copy of yours and if you like I can send you mine. Great work - I bet it's really helping to improve your running! Way to go!

Jim said...

I am not sure if I have seen a physical benefit of Yoga yet, too soon? However, I have noticed an big improvement in my breathing while running...much more controlled and paced.

Just shoot me an email with where you want it sent to and I will be happy to mail you a copy! I would love a copy of your video and I will send you my mailing addy...thanks VP! the the way she was TOTALY grabbing some ass! lol