Friday, August 08, 2008

The BIG Announcement!!!

Seven years ago I was fat. So fat, that I found stairs difficult, was constantly out of breath and hated the way I looked even more. But if didn't just effect me physically, my weight had started to erode my self confidence and before long I was in a full blown state of clinical depression. My career was not going in the direction I thought it would and either was my family life. It was just a very sad time in my life.

Then in April of 2002 I had enough of it and vowed to do anything I could to get my life back on track. I made a list of the things I didn't like about my life and what I could do to change them. Of all the things the one I had the most control over was my weight, so I decided to "fix" that first.

As I wrote in this old post, I lost 95 lbs in just under 4 months. It was amazing how much that one thing changed every other part of my life. I was happy with who I was for the first time in years and it reflected in everything I did. I didn't let things bother me and fester like I once did and my relationship with Tanyia returned to what it had always been. Before I lost the weight, I blamed everyone else for the problems in my life...but no more. If there was something wrong, I tried to fix it and if I couldn't I sought help from someone who could.

I started exercising as a way of keeping the weight off and over time that became less challenging, so I would find a new way to push myself. Different types of cardio and eventually seeing how long I could do cardio. I needed to be challenged and this worked for me for years. Then in 2005 I started running and have never looked back. I did my first half Marathon in the summer of 2006 and then a winter Marathon in February of 2007. It was awesome, but I needed more and started to train for Triathlon.

It was here that I had finally found my niche. It was as though the sport was made for me and I have devoted the last year and half to becoming faster, stronger and just better at all three disciplines.

Not bad for a former fat guy eh?

Now for the BIG announcement....

In 2010 I will compete in my first ever Ironman Triathlon, in Lake Placid, NY!!!

For those that don't know, this is the largest and most difficult triathlon in the world. I have attached a few great videos that describe what it's all about better then I ever could, but I just had to share the good news!

2.4 Mile Swim + 112 Mile Bike + 26.2 Mile Run = Ironman!!!!!

Fast Update

Man, where has the time gone? Can it really be almost a month since my last update?

The summer is just flying by and my days have been very busy, but I like to call it "good busy". Between work, family, my training, coaching and all the kids sports there has hardly been time to take a breath, so sorry about the long lay off.

Here is a bullet update on what has been going on. Normally, I have a real structured way of doing my updates, but for a change I'm going to just going to write whatever comes to mind. This could be interesting or a total mess, so buckle up....'cause here we go....

  • Chair- I got a new chair in my office recently. It's hard and doesn't have my ass grove in it yet...but I'm working on it!
  • SPOT Device Update- A few weeks ago a reader (Chris I think???) asked that I do a follow-up review of the device, so here goes. It is AWESOME! It worked without problem on several trips and in all kinds of weather. It even worked in a thunderstorm! It's so easy to use that even my daughter (age 8) was using it after a BIG lesson on when and why to press the different buttons. I have heard from a few readers that hate even the idea of carrying it with them, some even referring to it as a "digital leash". Well call it what you may, but I sleep better knowing my family are not worrying. Bottom line Chris, it's great and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who has a family.
  • Injury and Training Update- All my injuries and healed and I'm feeling better then I ever have in my life! My next race is in Orillia in just over a week (Aug 17 )and I feel so ready!!! I have a real shot at winning this thing and have been training like a lunatic to try and get every part of my game in peak performance. I can honestly say that I have never felt more prepared for ANYTHING in my life. This week is what I refer to "hell week" and I have had to complete ALL the toughest workouts from the last 3 months, but in the same week! It has been a brutal week, but all I left to do is my time trial for swim, a 2 hour ride today and then an 10 km run Saturday morning and it's all down hill from there. The taper week just before a race is always easy...a 20 minute run, 300M swim...that kind of thing. Just enough to keep you ready, because the work is already done! I will keep update all next week on how things are going and plan to update from the event as well . Wish me luck!!
  • BIG Announcement- I have some BIG news, but it deserves it's own post, so all you get is this little tease for now. It's something that has been in the works for over 5 years and will be one of the greatest achievements my life. Are you hooked yet? I will post more this afternoon.
  • Shaving Time- I crunched the numbers and based on my current times, I should be able to cut and astonishing 16 minutes, 3 seconds off my time from last year! Enough to take anywhere from first to fifth in the Orillia triathlon. Crazy!

  • Tanyia's first Algonquin Canoe Trip- Since Tanyia had already taken vacation days to cover the original dates of the CC2008 trip that never happened, we are going to take full advantage and go to the Park together. My parents have agreed to watch the kids, so this will be Tanyia's first trip and will be my first time in the park with her....alone. Cue the porno background!!! I have a few ideas, but I'm thinking either Kiosk or the Canyon. That's the best think about Algonquin...lots of options!
  • MMA History in the Making- Tomorrow night could me the biggest fight in Mixed Martial Arts history. It's a HUGE fight card with some off the chart crazy talent set to square off. In the main event, is Canada's own George St.- Pierre VS John Fitch in a MONSTER welterweight showdown! I'm having a few guys over and it should be a blast. In fact, I cf possibiliti of a better way to mark the official end of "Hell Week"!