Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Barrel

For a while I have been thinking about using a barrel to carry food, but since it was always just Gerry and Me, it just wasn't practical to carry a big barrel.

But now that we are going to start bringing the kids into the park the whole " barrel thing" starts to make a lot of sense. I have been checking out harnesses and I am sure I can get a used one off of MEC's gear swap. For the barrel itself, I stumbled on a great source...thanks to Pete from Algonquin Adventures for posting the info!

This guy charges $10 per barrel ANY size. and will ship via greyhound if you can't make it to Hamilton. The barrels i got were super clean, and work great.

Recycling Service
250B Lottridge St.
Hamilton ON Canada L8L 8J8
(905) 516-1877 cell
(905) 545-5577 phone
(905) 525-5577 fax

Province pressed to cut logging

Environmentalists angry over MNR's wavering on banning or curbing Algonquin Park operations

Nov 28, 2007 04:30 AM


Just three weeks into the job, Natural Resources Minister Donna Cansfield has angered environmentalists over whether to curb, or even ban, logging in Algonquin Provincial Park.

She'll probably come under more pressure next week, when provincial environmental commissioner Gord Miller releases his annual report.

Although it's not usually evident to the million or so people who camp, canoe or hike each year in Ontario's oldest park, trees can be cut down and hauled out of more than three-quarters of the popular "wilderness" preserve.

While logging areas and seasons are separated as much as possible from tourist routes, "it's not a park with logging in it; it's an industrial zone that permits canoeing," says Evan Ferrari, of CPAWS Wildlands League, an advocacy group – and chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – originally formed to preserve the park....CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Well I am happy to report that the CC2007 trip log is about 1/3 completed and after a bit of a hiatus from all things Algonquin, my head is again swimming with trip ideas. Yeah!!

I am still looking at ideas for the trip with my daughter next summer. I want a challenge, but not too much of challenge. I want portages, but too many. I want comfort, but don't want to be overburdened with gear. I have decided that I will bring a collapsible chair, but will not be bringing any other bulky luxury items. I am looking at this trip as a solo trip with company, so although I will be bringing items like the chair that I normally wouldn't, I will be planning the food , route and most of the gear like I will have to carry it all...'cause I will! LOL! Lauren will be responsible for her clothes and personal items, but the rest is up to me, so I have to be careful not to bring too much.
The portages will all have to be double carries, so again this factors into what we bring and the route. Lots to think about, but fortunately I have the winter to plan it all out.

Ever since Gerry and I started our annual trip into the Back-country, I have been considering buying a canoe. The only thing (other then the money...) that prevented me from buying one was that I couldn't justify it for one trip a year. Well next year I plan on doing as many as three trips:

  1. Lauren's Trip
  2. CC2008
  3. ...and maybe another solo trip
So now it starts to make sense....dollars and cents. To rent a canoe for 4 days is about $150. So I would be looking at $450 to go on these 3 trips. If I can get a high quality, lightweight, Kevlar canoe for about $1000 ( and I can...courtesy of eBay) then I could have it paid for in 2 years! But that's just the start! If I had my own canoe then I could go on more trips...even overnight trips and bring the kids with me. I am still back and forth a bit, but for the first time I have almost convinced myself that this would be "the best move", but convincing Tanyia might be a bit harder.

My back is feeling better and I have scaled back my workouts a bit to give it time to heal. I should be going to chiropractic more often, but I am looking for a new guy. Not that that the one I have been using isn't good, but I want to get a second opinion.

The boys hockey is in full force. Jacob has taken up just where he left off last year and is doing great. His first game is at the end of the month and he is scheduled to play in 3 tournaments. He will also be our tournament goalie, but will play forward for most regular season games. Ethan is struggling with his first year of hockey. I think he thought it would be easier then it is...after all, he had sat in the bleachers watching his older brother all last year. How hard could it be? He is improving, but he has already said that he would prefer to do something else next year and I am fine with that.