Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Food Barrel

For a while I have been thinking about using a barrel to carry food, but since it was always just Gerry and Me, it just wasn't practical to carry a big barrel.

But now that we are going to start bringing the kids into the park the whole " barrel thing" starts to make a lot of sense. I have been checking out harnesses and I am sure I can get a used one off of MEC's gear swap. For the barrel itself, I stumbled on a great source...thanks to Pete from Algonquin Adventures for posting the info!

This guy charges $10 per barrel ANY size. and will ship via greyhound if you can't make it to Hamilton. The barrels i got were super clean, and work great.

Recycling Service
250B Lottridge St.
Hamilton ON Canada L8L 8J8
(905) 516-1877 cell
(905) 545-5577 phone
(905) 525-5577 fax

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