Monday, June 29, 2009

$8,550 to go camping for 3 days?

At Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, in British Columbia, there is no such thing as roughing it.

In the summer months, two adults can pay $8,550 to spend three nights in a luxury tent at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort in British Columbia, Canada. The all-inclusive price of admission includes flights from Vancouver to the resort on a remote fjord, gourmet meals, drinks, massage treatments, horseback riding, fishing, whale and bear watching, kayaking, hiking, sailing, clay shooting, rock climbing, archery, swimming, mountain biking, cooking classes and day trips.

Just in case anyone wanted to splurge for that special someone. lol


Just making a note that I have added the "Bug Report" link to the Algonquin Park Info Links in the sidebar.

.....and it keeps getting worse!

Over the weekend I tried to keep my hopes up that the weather forecast for our trip would luck I am afraid. In fact it got a bit worse.

Now they are calling for thunderstorms all day for our arrival and moderate to light rain for the duration of our trip.

While on Algonquin Adventures this morning I found a link for a park "Bug Report" and things are not looking pretty. Check it out HERE.

Given the high rating of both deer and black flies, I think I will go back to Canadian tire and pick up this smallish bug tent I saw there. It's similar to the picture here, but much bigger. It was only $20 too, so even if we don't use it this time it's a cheap way of having peace of mind, without adding any weight.

I already have a bug jacket, but I will grab one for Lauren too.

I will try to update before we leave, but in case I don't.....wish us luck and I will update when I return.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Rain in Algonquin again?

It looks like we will have rain on our father/daughter trip for the second year in a row. Given how awesome the weather has been the past few days I am a bit bummed that our trip might be a bit on the damp side.

When I told Lauren her response was much better then mine. "No big deal Dad...I can handle rain, it's much better then having to use the thunderbox after you". Nice eh?

You can CLICK HERE if you want to check out the weather for our trip. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Algonquin trip booked!!

Kind of throwing this trip together at the last minute, but my first trip of the year is booked for next week and the destination is....

Rock lake!

Yes the now infamous Rock lake where you may remember, I experienced a tornado touching down not far from my site while on my first ever solo trip. Well this time I am bringing company in the form of my daughter Lauren.

We are going for 3 days from June 30 - July 2nd. The route map is attached, but we plan to spend our first night on Pen lake. I am hoping to land one of the beach like sites on the eastern shore that also has a great view of the sunset. For our second night we will be traveling to Galaeiry Lake and since I have never been here before we plan to check out one of the two island sites, as Lauren has never stayed on one and I think it would be cool for my princess to have her own island for a day!

We will both be bringing fishing rods and I hope to snap my 5 trip fish less draught....but since I am NO fisherman, I think I have a better chance of having a good conversation with Lauren. No need for nervous fish while I am around.

I will try....I repeat try to update before we leave.

On the knupack update: I have sent 5 emails and not had one response. Not sure what kind of business he is running but his customer service is not winning him and friends here. I will update should I have any news to report.