Monday, June 29, 2009

.....and it keeps getting worse!

Over the weekend I tried to keep my hopes up that the weather forecast for our trip would luck I am afraid. In fact it got a bit worse.

Now they are calling for thunderstorms all day for our arrival and moderate to light rain for the duration of our trip.

While on Algonquin Adventures this morning I found a link for a park "Bug Report" and things are not looking pretty. Check it out HERE.

Given the high rating of both deer and black flies, I think I will go back to Canadian tire and pick up this smallish bug tent I saw there. It's similar to the picture here, but much bigger. It was only $20 too, so even if we don't use it this time it's a cheap way of having peace of mind, without adding any weight.

I already have a bug jacket, but I will grab one for Lauren too.

I will try to update before we leave, but in case I don't.....wish us luck and I will update when I return.

Thanks for reading.


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Jim - just got back from the park.
Bring lots of 30% DEET. Bug hat will help. But most of all, since you'll never stop them all, bring Lanacaine extra strength creme (Benzocaine) to relieve the itching. Bring 3 tubes. Bring an AfterBite tube (Ammonia). It seems to work also. Finally, bring Benedryl tablets to stop the itching.
Drugs are good after all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jim I just got back last friday from the park with the fam. its there first time my fourth time . anyway we stayed on pen at your old site where the twister went through I even call it jims site to my fam.. they never could understand till I got them to read it about your night there.... the site looks bad now I think kids have gone in and just trashed it remember that bench for cooking between 2 trees well its gone , and the bugs were not bad at all . ttyl.... George. said...

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