Friday, August 08, 2008

The BIG Announcement!!!

Seven years ago I was fat. So fat, that I found stairs difficult, was constantly out of breath and hated the way I looked even more. But if didn't just effect me physically, my weight had started to erode my self confidence and before long I was in a full blown state of clinical depression. My career was not going in the direction I thought it would and either was my family life. It was just a very sad time in my life.

Then in April of 2002 I had enough of it and vowed to do anything I could to get my life back on track. I made a list of the things I didn't like about my life and what I could do to change them. Of all the things the one I had the most control over was my weight, so I decided to "fix" that first.

As I wrote in this old post, I lost 95 lbs in just under 4 months. It was amazing how much that one thing changed every other part of my life. I was happy with who I was for the first time in years and it reflected in everything I did. I didn't let things bother me and fester like I once did and my relationship with Tanyia returned to what it had always been. Before I lost the weight, I blamed everyone else for the problems in my life...but no more. If there was something wrong, I tried to fix it and if I couldn't I sought help from someone who could.

I started exercising as a way of keeping the weight off and over time that became less challenging, so I would find a new way to push myself. Different types of cardio and eventually seeing how long I could do cardio. I needed to be challenged and this worked for me for years. Then in 2005 I started running and have never looked back. I did my first half Marathon in the summer of 2006 and then a winter Marathon in February of 2007. It was awesome, but I needed more and started to train for Triathlon.

It was here that I had finally found my niche. It was as though the sport was made for me and I have devoted the last year and half to becoming faster, stronger and just better at all three disciplines.

Not bad for a former fat guy eh?

Now for the BIG announcement....

In 2010 I will compete in my first ever Ironman Triathlon, in Lake Placid, NY!!!

For those that don't know, this is the largest and most difficult triathlon in the world. I have attached a few great videos that describe what it's all about better then I ever could, but I just had to share the good news!

2.4 Mile Swim + 112 Mile Bike + 26.2 Mile Run = Ironman!!!!!


Mungo Says Bah! said...

Wow that's amazing Jim! So... 301 lbs before and 206 lbs after? That is inspirational. I've got about 30 pounds too much on my frame... think I'll start doing something about it.

I think your story goes to show how mental attitude and stance make all the difference in making a change in your life.

Congratulations on the Ironman race - but watch out, I'm going to start training this evening and I just might win... :-)


Anonymous said...

Good for you old man! Hey check out my trip log. See what you didn't miss!


PS Where is Mrs Stromnecker these days? I kind of miss her. I thought of her a couple of times while writing.