Saturday, February 24, 2007

Countdown to last?

Just 16 over hours from now I will have finished my second half marathon. Unlike my first one last September, I feel as prepared for this run as I could possibly be. I woke up early this morning and got all my gear ready and all of my training is over, so all I have to do now is kick back and relax until tomorrow....or at least try. I don't usually sleep very well the night before a race, but I hope that being this prepared will ease the constant worry of forgetting some key piece of gear or sleeping in.

But as I mentioned in the title of the post, this will likely be my last marathon. In running I have accomplished everything I wanted to and need a new challenge. On that note, I am proud to announce that this fall I will be competing in my first Triathlon. I have entered the Subaru Sprint Triathlon Series in Orillia and it will be on Sunday August 19, 2007. This is an event I have always dreamed of doing and I can hardly wait to start training. This is a sprint triathlon which is one level above the entry level "Try a Triathlon" level.

Here are the distances for my Sprint Triathlon:

  1. Swim 750 meters ( This will be tough, but not my biggest challenge)
  2. Bike 35 Kilometers (This is where I will have to do the most work...I hate the bike)
  3. Run 7.5 Kilometers ( I could do this with my eyes shut)
It is getting late, so I should get to bed. Wish me luck and I will update with results.....Man I am so pumped I know I won't be able to sleep, but I should try...good night all!

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