Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"Stop thinking about boy George..."

OK...this is way out of the realm of Canoe Trips, but I need to tell this to someone before I burst!

A female client just came in to see me and I swear she looked just like Boy George. She was wearing the trademark hat, hair in braids, sunglasses and a black cape...I am not kidding here folks...a frigg'n cape! This woman we be in her early 40's and dressed like a confused superhero. She was here to discuss some serious problems she is experiencing, but in my head I just keep thinking " god, it's Boy frigg'n George". I feel like a real bastard, but I just couldn't help it. Every time I gained control over my thoughts I would look at her and hear " you really want to hurt you really want to make me cry..." and suddenly I am fighting back laughter again. I have to say it again that I feel bad, 'cause she seemed like a nice lady....but she was wearing a cape people!

Unless Wham and the village people show up this afternoon this is all for now...A CAPE!!!


Suds said...

LMFAO! A confused superhero!

Jim, you should feel bad bud... did it cross your mind that she may not have a mirror at home? If that's the case, you can't hold her responsible for her outfit! LOL!

seriously, when I read that I flashed back to your laughing fit with Cheech at the Black Night in Newcastle!

Say "Hi!" to Michael, Andrew and all the Village Peeps!


Jim said... THERE ^^^^^^^ is a guy that knows WHAM. Be proud of that my friend. LMAO!

Vesper Peeps said...

LMAO! YES Jim I was going to add to that too,.. The fact that Suds knows the names of the guys in WHAM is saying something....I don't know what,.. but something! AHAHHAHA

Where on earth is this clinic? a woman in a cape? Now that is a giggle fest in the making! Good one.

Suds said...