Friday, March 09, 2007

CC 2007 and Rock Lake Solo trip Booked!

It is done! I booked C.C 2007 and my solo trip today and now all that is left to do is book our canoe rentals this afternoon. Both trips suddenly feel very real and although I am excited for both, my solo trip has me feeling a bit more nervous then excited. You can checkout the details for CC 2007 in this previous post.

I decided on this route after conceding the that Crow Lake/Dickson route I had originally planned on was just to much for my first solo trip. Many of the wise folks on the Algonquin Adventures Board suggested the Rock Lake -> Pen -> Harry- Lousia-> Rock Loop, but I was still holding on to the fantasy of doing the Dickson solo.

Two things changes my mind..

1) A very wise person said to me that people go on a solo trip to "learn about themselves, not to test themselves". I am enjoy pushing myself to see how far or fast I can do things, but a solo trip is not the time. All it would take would be one misstep and I could be in serious trouble. I want a challenge, but I shouldn't compromise safety. Rock Lake will provide a good balance of adventure, challenges and safety.

2) Markus put together an amazing trip log and after reading it through, I knew this was exactly what I was looking for. You can check out his trip log HERE. It was his trip log that completely sold me on this route. The waterfalls, the sites, the lakes, the long portages...thanks Markus!

My Rock Lake Solo July 10-13, 2007:

Tuesday, July 10 - I plan to leave my home by 4:30 am and arrive at Rock Lake put in for about 8 am. I will be booking my canoe rental through Opeongo Outfitters and I have been told that they will deliver my canoe to Rock Lake for a fee. I will update once I know more. I plan to be on the water for no later then 9 am and make my way South to the last site on the East side of Pen Lake. Only one small 375 meter portage on this first day.

Wednesday, July 11 - Up early and the goal for today is to make it to Harry Lake. The Galipo River found on route to Harry, is prone to low water levels, so I will most likely have to get out and walk the shallow river for a bit. The portages on this day are 295, 1170 and 700. These will be my first tough solo portages and I plan to single cary them all, but reserve the right to bail on that plan. The site I plan to stay on is the Last site on the North side and is equipped with a huge open area, a well built fire pit, 3 benches and a big log complete with a foot bench.

Thursday, July 12 - Up early and travel from Harry to Louisa via the 32o and 1725 meter portages. Yeah more portages! Once on Louisa I hope to find one of the island sites with a western view for my last night. I have seen many wild sunset shots from this lake and look forward to the chance to capture my own.

Friday, July 13 - Up early and make my way back East to the 2895 portage that leads from Louisa back to Rock Lake. The head home!


Mungo said...

I did the Rock Lake/ Lake Louise portage with my Dad a couple of years ago - hard going, but worth it. We hadn't planned on portaging initially (poor planning) so I ended up carrying a very heavy canoe. But next time I'd do it, it would be easier. Hope you have a great time, who knows, maybe our paths will cross on a portage path sometime!

Nothing like planning a trip now to get past the winter cold here... I daydream about a good trip to take me away from the daily grind of it all.



Jim said...

Hey Mungo,

I checked out your trip log. The thing that stood out was in your list of "Camping mistakes I have made. You shouldn't make them". My personal favorite:

"To keep a pesky raccoon away from my food one evening, I placed my food containers in my tent. Then I went to bed. Then I woke up to the sound of some vicious snuffling outside of my tent. I froze in horror, stepped out of the tent, and watched a Bear's dark shape race off into the woods.
You should have used a bear-bag and tossed it up into a tree - away from the camp."

Scary lesson indeed. You were very lucky my friend.

Thanks, as usual, for stopping by friend.