Friday, March 09, 2007

No bike = No Triathlon

As I mentioned in a previous post, I will be doing my first triathlon this August. For the last few weeks I have been searching and searching for a high end used road bike, with no luck.

Desperate, I started to call a few local cycling shops to see how much a new one would be...holy sticker sock! The cheapest one I could find new was $900! At that price it better seat 5. This really got me down, I wanted to do the Tri so badly, but there's no way I could justify that kind of money for a bike. With my training starting in just 2 weeks it was starting to look like I would have to abandon my Triathlon dream for another year.

Then I received this email that changed everything...


I have been reading your blog for about a year and always enjoy your updates. I read how you are doing a triathlon and if you need a bike I have a great one for sale. It is a Trek 2300 SL Aluminum racing road bike size 60 cm. Bike has been kept in great condition. Loaded with Shimano 9 spd Ultegra group, Flite saddle, and Rolf wheel set. Bike retail value $4,000. Let me know if you're interested.


I contacted him immediately and after a few emails back and forth, I was on my way to meet him. We met at a coffee shoe near Young/Eglinton and talked about biking, canoeing and exercise for a while. He was a great guy and although we were both tight for time, it was cool to talk to someone that only knows me through my blog. He asked about Tanyia and the kids by name...even asking how Jacob was doing with hockey. It was a little weird that this guy who was a total stranger to me, knew so much about my life....that's the magic of the blogging world! Soon the conversation turned to the bike and he had brought it with him. It was stunning and I agreed to by it on site and oh yeah, the price? God bless him, he only charged me $300....again, what a great guy.

I have since bought some racing pedals off of eBay ( racing bikes don't come with pedals...who knew?) and will get some cycling shoes asap. I am so happy with this bike and almost embarrassed to say how beautiful this bicycle is...but trust me, if this bike was a female she would be just crazy, drool on the floor hot.

A HUGE thanks to Jordon for seling such an incedible bike and giving me such a great deal. You're the best!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Gestures like these really restore your faith in the goodness of people. Way to go Jordon!


Jim said...

Hey Sean,

He is an amazing guy and his connection to me through my blog played a big role in him giving me such a significant discount.

Can't say it enough...THANKS JORDON!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! That is my bike! Someone stole that bike 6 months ago. Who did you get it from?


Jim said...

Your Mom!

Anonymous said...



Jim said...


Vesper Peeps said...

"Crazy, Drool on the Floor HOT?!..."

Now that's SOME bike ;) Glad you got hooked-up, i'm very interested in hearing about your new triathalon adventures. You are one wild guy!

Jim said...

I know it sounds a little weird, but my bike is so sexy, but don't worry...I won't let her get a big head about it.

I should name my bike. Any suggestions? 'bout "Sex Pot".
I can imagine going out for a ride and yelling "...I'll be back in an hour Tanyia, I am going to ride Sex Pot".

As for wild, as I have said many times over the past years....I AM BORING!!! I am an awkward, boring , computer geek that has more online friends then real ones. Wild?..not in this lifetime, but thanks for making me feel cool for a moment. LOL!