Friday, March 23, 2007

Unexpected Inspiration from Quasi Celebrity

My official tri training starts the first week of April, but I have been putting in some serious bike work in hopes of easing the transition. To my surprise, cycling is something I am enjoying. In an attempt to learn all I can about techniques and body positions that will make me a better cycler, I have been going to some "spin" classes at my gym. Until recently, I have always been one of those guys that scoffed at the thought of attending "one of those classes", but with such a positive experience taking the Yoga class, I can't help but look at things with more of an open mind. After my first high energy spin class, I walked away feeling I just finished a marathon kind of incredible! I was hooked and have been attending the "RPM" (road course) and "All Terrain" classes on a regular basis since.

Yesterday I convinced Tanyia to come to the morning spin class with me and although she was reluctant, with a little coaxing she agreed to go with me. It was fun to have here there with me and despite not ridding a bike in years, she did great! After the class I wanted to ride a while longer, so I struck around while Tanyia went to do some other cardio. I was then approached by the Jodie the General Manager of the club and the instructor for the class. She introduced herself and offered some tips to improve my form. As we continued to talk I let her know that I am training for my first triathlon and upon hearing that, she insisted that I come to the evening class. They were having a guest instructor for just one class that is head of the national training program. Her name is Kim Lavender and she has trained many stars and even the head trainer on the reality show "Making the Cut". Not knowing much more then that, I agreed to come and was fortunate to get one of the few remaining spots.

I returned to the gym at 5:00 for what would now be my second hard cardio workout for the day. I was one of the first there and as always, picked a bike at the front of the class. I find many people prefer to hide in the back because if the instructor has a good view, they will always center you out if you aren't doing something right. Well..that's why I am here right? Do your worst! The class began right on time and was by far the toughest work out I have ever done. The instructor was so motivational and inspiring...although I was there to benefit me, after a while I found myself wanting to prove myself to her. Weird eh?

After the class I again stuck around to do some extra bike work and soon it was just me and the instructor. When I was done she introduced herself as Kim and asked how long I had been cycling. Half laughing I responded "about 2 weeks"? She looked a bit stunned by this. She then told me that I have a natural gift for cycling and that I should seriously look at competing. I then let her know about my triathlon this fall and a little about my training program. Over the next 30 minutes she offered me tips and advice that only come from years of experience. The whole time I am cool is the chick! As I am preparing to leave she says something to me that I feel will help me through the difficult months to come. She says " You have a real fire in your eyes when you train and very few have that kind of internal drive to push harder when their body is screaming to stop. I see it in you and if you push yourself hard enough, you could be GREAT." I thanked her and we exchanged emails and before I knew it, I was driving home. It was while driving home that her words really struck me.."you could be great"...WOW! The rest of the night I felt elated and I am sure I drove Tanyia crazy recounting my conversation with Kim, but it was just so incredible that I couldn't stop thinking about it.

This morning I have tried to write her an email to thank her, but how do I properly thank someone for inspiring me on this level. I just can't find the words. Maybe I should just send her a link to this post?

I many post again today, as the afternoon is looking fairly calm, but in case I don't, have a great weekend folks!


Suds said...

You're not gonna make me start calling you LANCE, are you?



Jim said...

Nah...your usual "coolest guy on the face of the planet" nickname for me is fine buddy.

gewilli said...

Jim is in LOVE...

he's got a crush on his Trainer...



(can't help it - it is the friday craziness)

Jim said...

Not my to suds. :)