Friday, March 23, 2007

Get Inspired!

I just finished reading a blog all about a girl completing her first Ironman competition. It is very well written and truly draws you into the story...very inspirational! Here is an exert...

"There is a feeling. Ironman takes so much preparation. Months of building distance. Months of following that cursed little black line. Months of injury and recovery. Months of alternately dreading and yearning for race day. Weeks of taper. Days of rising anticipation. Days of organizing. Hours of waiting. Hours of swimming. Hours of biking. Hours of running. The finish line comes and goes in a blink, but there is a feeling. All that pressure. All that effort. All that uncertainty. Then there is an instant. The release of it all in that instant is almost unbearable. The afterglow goes on and on and on."

After reading what the full Ironman is like, it makes my triathlon feel pretty small. I would love to complete an Ironman one day, but for now I have other chalenges before me.

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