Monday, March 26, 2007

My son lights up the score board!

I put together this video of Jacob's last game of the year. It was his best game of the year...check it out!


Anonymous said...

Nice! Dude's a sniper and fast too! I liked how he took it end to end from the face off, the other kids just can't keep up. Imagine how good he will be next year.

My son's 3 months old so I have a while until he gets enrolled but I hope he's as good as yours.


Vesper Peeps said...

So Cute! I especially like how the goalie just wasn't paying attention or not in the net :D AHAHHAHA Kind of an unfair advantage wouldn't you say? Tee hee heeee. I also appreciate the way you approached Jacob at the end of the game, not so over the top as if it's all about scoring or something. And Jacob's response and almost sheer disinterest in the goals LOL! Absolutley PRICELESS! Gotta love age 5!

Thanks for sharing :)

Jim said...


Although over the season Jacob has improved, he's by no means the best player on his team. On this day he just had some luck on his side.

His skating is something I am more proud of. Before this year he had never been on skates. In his first few practices it was all he could do to stand up, so this is the area where he has improved the most. He just turned 5 last month to!

Next year should be fun, as Jacob will be in his 2nd year and his brother Ethan who is a year younger, will be on the same team!

Although I get excited about winning and goals, I just want them to have fun....cliche but true.

I am sure many people have been telling you this, but kids grow up quickly. Enjoy every minute you spend with him...they will grown up before you can blink! At one point we had a 3 year old, 1 year old and a new born. Next year all 3 will be in school. One minute babies...then POOF they're gone...enjoy it while it lasts my friend!

Man, this comment is quickly turning into novel. Thanks for your comments, as always Sean!

Jim said...


For sure, the "goalies" aren't always paying attention, but if they can't catch him, Jacob will always have a better chance of scoring!

The next couple of seasons are the best. Kids just having fun playing the politics or rankings, no drafts or tryouts...just pure fun! I love all aspects of the sport, but I could do without all the "my son's the next great one" mentality that many of the parents develop as on ice fun turns to off ice competition.

Just my 2 cents...

Bruce Kevin Waters said...

He skates and plays hockey better than I do!
That was fun to watch.