Monday, March 19, 2007

Site Updates

I have received email and comments from people requesting that I shorten the length of the main page to just the last few posts. Most people complained that having every post load has caused their browsers to crash (...all Internet Explorer Users), while a few complained of very slow page loading.

I have considered shortening the page before, but always bee reluctant to do it, because as much as people come here for entertainment, I also use the blog as a place to store the information I have collected. If I achieved the bulk of my blog then the info would still be there, but it would be more difficult for me and others to find.

The solution? I found and added a Google "search this blog only" search engine to the side bar ( you will find it just under my Profile). It was as easy as finding the code and change a couple of the parameters to this URL. Presto! I have now shortened the main page to only show the last 50 posts...still allot I know, but much better the 400 folks.

My only problem is how to have it open the search in a new window...anyone?


Vesper Peeps said...

Just had to throw in my 2 cents here.

I run Internet Explorer and I have never had a problem with your site. To bad you felt you had to succumb to the whiners, and as usual - I love your posts however they've been posted, loaded whatever.

Keep up the great blogging!

Anonymous said...

Add target="_blank" to your form tag:
<form action="" method="get" target="_blank">

You're main page has always worked fine in both IE 6 and 7 and FF for me. Page loads from top to bottom so download time is never an issue either.


Anonymous said...

Oh yea, keep in mind that google will only index your site every 3-6 months so any new content will not be found in the search.


Jim said...

Hey VP,

I had been looking at a way of doing this for a while, so I don't mind doing it for the few that have a problem.

Thanks again for comments!

Jim said...


Thanks for the code buddy! I don't think that indexing will be an issue, 'cause even with only posting the last 50 it still goes back at least 3 months.

Maybe I will just have a vote and see what the majority want?

Thanks for your help Sean!