Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Questions Answered...

When I sent out my request for comments, I had no idea that you would respond in the numbers you have. Another surprise was the numerous questions people asked in the This is where I beg for your help post and the now infamous "Yoke Pad" Video. I will now do my best to address all of your questions and comments.

All References to Andy Kaufman- When I first read these I was not sure how to take it. I remember thinking, "Are they making fun of me?". I simply did not get why anyone would find my video remotely funny. Astonished, I turned to Gerry, Marie and Tanyia and asked there opinion. As tears welled up in there eyes and they struggled for the breath to mock me I finally got how nuts I look...just standing there for 30 minutes. Also, Gerry made a good point that it is more about the way I edited the video that made it humorous. example " ..it has now been 30 minutes" . Thanks to all of you for the reference to the great Andy Kaufman, but he is a comedic genius... I am just a goofy, awkward guy who likes yoke pads.

What do you do for a living?- I am guessing this stems from people wondering what job would allow me to have that kind of free time. Well it is a great job I assure you. As for what I do, I am a Registered Nurse and co-owner of a small chain of medically supervised weight loss clinics called Diet Wise. You can check us out at www.dietwiseclinics.ca

Too my Older Readers May and Orville-
Your posts touched me the most and I would love to swap Algonquin stories with you both. Please email me!

Mrs. Stromnecker-
She was the one that chose to criticize my spelling and grammar. Spelling has always been a weakness for me and something that I have always been ashamed of. Even as I write here, I will ofter avoid words if I am unsure how to spell them....sad, but true.When I first read your comments it made me a bit angry, but that was more because I knew that you were right. I wish I could spell better and welcome any suggestions anyone may have.

The Gimmick Guy-
To the guy the suggested that Yoke Pads are "the worst gimmick ever"....have you seen my video?

All the positive feedback and good wishes- To all of you that posted posted praise for my blogging efforts....thank you! As many of you can attest, my interest in posting has been up and down over the past year, but knowing that there are so many of you reading will be great motivation if I am ever hesitant to post.

Thanks again to to all and please feel free to post a comment or question.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering all of the questions, Jim. Very interesting. Just remember, there is an awkward goofy guy inside all of us, including Andy Kaufman, and that is where the best "schtick" comes from.



Anonymous said...

Jim, don't worry about the spelling. It’s a blog and the spelling is of least importance. It’s your point of view that most of us come back and appreciate this blog for. Mrs. Stromnecker seems to spell well but is lacking in tact. Criticism is always better said when it begins or ends with a positive. “I like reading your blog because…but the spelling might be…” would have been more appropriate no? Years of teaching must have taught her to focus on the corrections instead of the content.
It’s like when that guy freaked out that you didn’t have your trip logs and pics up fast enough. I was saddened to hear you got that type of email. I know how those little bits of discouragement can make it all not seem worth it but take it from me I thoroughly enjoy hearing about your experiences with health, family and camping. Based on the comments I see many others do to.

{grammatical errors}
keep up the gr8t work!!!
{/grammatical errors}


Suds said...

I, for one, like Andy Kaufman and for that matter, despite what everyone else thinks, I think you're a great guy! (joking... I haven't heard anything *that* bad... apart from what's written on the washroom wall and I just mark that up to your "experimental" years) LOL! (I'm joking Mrs. Stromnecker so keep yer nickers on! and oh, did I spell everything correctly?)


Anonymous said...

You did make an open request for comments on a public blog. However, I do not think you should take a call for improved grammar and spelling in a negative way.

Anyway, I think I will try to help you out. Think about there, their and they're.

their is a possessive pronoun: “their bent paddles” is “the bent paddles belonging to them.”
there denotes a place: “Don’t put the oxen here, put them over there.”
they’re is a contraction of “they are”: “They’re solipsists” means “They are solipsists.”

I hope this helps. Just remember, the key to good grammar is to memorize a large number of simple rules.

Mrs. Stromnecker
(retired but still causing grief)