Monday, January 29, 2007

A new member of our family

After considering it for the last few years, last fall we decided to get a dog. Tanyia and I have always liked yellow labs and after meeting with several weird breeders decided on one from Peterborough. We want a male and have decided on the name "Jack", after Jack Bauer from 24 and yes, I know I am a geek. The next liter will be ready to be brought home in March and with we are all very excited. I have attached a picture of Jack that the breeder was kind enough to send us.

Meeting breeders was an eye opener and I learned something about "dog people". For the most part, dog breeders don't have kids, but love to compare having a dog as being the same as having children. Yeah, you heard me correctly. These folks need a reality check. I found it a bit offensive that someone would compare having a dog to raising children and no matter how many times I heard it, it still ate at me. My solution was to just nod and smile, then change the subject ASAP! I think these people should have a child, that way their dogs can become pets again and restore the natural order of things. I love dogs, but in our house pets (although deeply loved) are still pets!

In the years to come I hope to bring Jack on our Canoe Trips, but for now we will be happy just to have him come home.


Vesper Peeps said...

Ooooooooooooooh So cute. It is funny that you are doing this,.. I have been doing the research on labs & retreivers since november. Mostly I've been watching here for new litters of goldens:
You're right abour breeders - though I haven't visited one yet, I know what you mean!

I'm pining for a puppy, gotta get some support on that one yet though :p Uhg! ahahahhaha

Congratulations I'm sure the kids (and you of course) will love to have Jack around. Camping is going to be a whole other ball game now - so FUN!

Jim said...

I have spent lots of time teaching the kids about puppy stuff, but I am sure it will all be forgotten the moment he wiggles in our front door.

Suds said...

"...and yes, I know I am a geek..."

The first step is admitting that it... ;)

Jim said...

Ignore him, he's just pissy 'cause people would never know I am a geek unless I told them, but everyone just assumes Suds is...sad but true...


Vesper Peeps said...

You two have got such a Love-Hate thing going on AHAHAHHAHAAH

True Soul mates! Tee heeee