Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things that drive me crazy

I am going to do something here I have never done before...I am simply going to complain about a bunch of things that have been eating at me for a while. This rant is not directed at anyone and I am not even in a bad mood, I just have to get this stuff off my chest.

Now for those of you that came here looking for information about Algonquin Canoe trips rest assured you are in the right place, but this post will be of no help to you. Feel free to read below or click here to get out of here and go to a random blog.

Here we go....

1)Smokers- If you people want to kill yourselves that's fine, but the problem is you don't just die, you linger in our health care system for years costing everyone money for sure, but also the lives of people that are ill by no fault of there own. If you smoke then you should be forced to the bottom of any surgical waiting list...end of story. People, you can not treat your health with total disregard and then expect all that abuse to be undone by the taxpayers. These are the same people I see driving, with a smoke hanging out of their mouth and 2 kids strapped in the back seat...all but guaranteeing the next generation to have the same health problems as the first. Oh...and stop smoking outside the entrance to every building I want to enter. It is all I can do to hold my breath while I walk through the putrid fog.

2)Heavy Drinkers- Same rant as above....just substitute "drinking" for "smoking".

3)Littering out of your car window- When driving you will have to stop eventually and that garbage is not going to explode before you get there. So unless you have just found a bomb wrapped in a McDonald's bag under your seat, keep your crap in the car until you get to a garbage can.

4)Teenagers Walking out in front of cars- It blows me away how young people will walk in front of a moving car, expecting the world to stop 'cause they want to cross the road. It is just a matter of time before one of these ipod toting idiots gets killed....but no worries, the next day there will be 10 others to their place.


Mungo said...

I agree especially with the smokers who smoke in front of the building entrance. I have been tempted from time to time to arrive at work with a can of air freshener (the really cheap, nasty, dollar-store kind) and stand casually in the front entrance way and spray it in the general direction of smokers.

Suds said...

that's a good portrait of you Jim. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Idea Mungo! That one really cracked me up :D LMAO!!!! I have got to try that one day and see what they have to say ;)

Nice job on your blog Jim (thumbs up)

& Ditto to your comments Suds. I briefly thought for a moment that WAS Jim ahahha

Jim said...

Mungo- I guess smokers have no where else to go, but can't they take a walk around the building instead of just standing 10 feet from the door. I to like your idea, maybe a can of that stinky "smoke killer" stuff from the dollar store.

Suds- That's not me, it's your

Anonymous- Thanks for your kind words and thanks for stopping by.