Friday, January 12, 2007

Capsized Canoe 2008?

As I have mentioned many times before, Gerry and I really enjoy trip planning. We have a few weather beaten maps that have served us well over our 2 years. Every wrinkle and water stain on our canoe routes maps stand testament to the countless hours happily spent planning. In fact just the thought of pouring over maps makes me smile.

Now, our trip for CC 2007 has been planed for some time (see ORIGINAL PLAN and UPDATED PLAN )and although this is good, it also leaves be with very little trip related things to do. With this in mind, I stumbled across some pictures while doing an Google image search and before I knew it...I was planning CC 2008.

Capsized Canoe 2008 Plan

Goals- To complete a large loop, large portages and lakes we have not visited before.

Route- The map shows our proposed route.


  • Radient lake- a shallow lake that (from pictures) looks stunning. There is also a grave site containing casualties of the log drive in the south ease shore that will be worth taking a look.
  • Big Crow lake- has many features that make this lake the primary goal for this trip. The lake itself is one of the crown jewels of the park and I would love to spend 2 or 3 days here enjoying and exploring. There is an old ranger station that is now rented out, but exists now as it did when it was built in the 1920's. Just behind the ranger station is a path that leads you on a 15 minute uphill hike. At the end is one of the most breathtaking views imaginable. There is also a decommissioned 100 foot fire tower on this site. Although the bottom 20 feet of the ladder have been removed, I have read that it is still possible to climb the frame up to the point where you can reach the ladder. This is something I will have to check out, but reserve the right to bail on any plans of climbing the tower.

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