Friday, January 12, 2007

What length of a bent shaft paddle is best for YOU ?

Ever since I became interested in owning a bent shaft canoe paddle I have been unable to find some form of a guideline on how to size for the correct length..until now. I found the text pasted below at another paddle makers site. To my knowledge, it is the only bent shaft sizing guide one on the net. Enjoy!

"As with all things in life, there are no absolutes. Some paddlers kneel (shorter paddle works best)--some paddlers sit most of the time (longer paddle) and some canoes are deeper requiring more paddle to get into the water.

Here however, is a good system. Sit on a flat,hard chair and look straight forward without lifting or lowering your head. Have someone measure the vertical distance from the BRIDGE of your nose to the seat surface. Add that to the 20" of predetermined blade and that will be a pretty good length for you."


Anonymous said...

Mr. Cavers,

I have to say that the grammar on this site has improved considerably. I don't know what you have done, but I can now read it without shuddering. Keep up the good work. With this high posting quality, I will leave you to your own devices. I sure would like to see you use the words site, sight, their and they're etcetera in sentences.

Peter and I are just beggining to plan our trip into Timberwolf lake starting at Magnetawan. I think we might go in for 5 nights in early August.

Anyway, barring any glaring errors, goodbye for now.

Mrs. Stromnecker

Jim said...

Thanks for your surprisingly kind words and please call me Jim.
Being called Mr. Cavers always has me looking over my shoulder expecting to see my Dad standing behind me.

Thanks again and don't be a stranger.

Suds said...

It would be quite a *sight* to see a picture of *their* route on this *site*. Perhaps *they're* going to be close enough to us to meet up with them.

That was fun.

Pierre said...

I just HAD to obtain a pair of bent paddles. I got a couple from that place in Hastings. My wife and I were up there having some lunch the other day and noticed the dirty little storefront they have. It didn't look open, I never knocked but when we were downtown a few days later and got them at MEC.
We were up in the Kawartha's just a couple weeks ago and the ice was still not in. It was pretty tempting to go back and get the canoe and the bent paddles and try it all out.


Jim said...

Hey Pierre,

I have still been unable to contact them. To date I have left 6 phone messeges..great paddle, but zero customer service.

How did you size for the bent shaft paddle?

Pierre said...

For sizing, I just picked up two that were a couple of medium sizes a few inches apart and walked out. They were only $50! Of course I was shopping with my wife and she becomes very drowsy as soon as she walks in there. The complaints begin after about 10 minutes. "Are we almost done?" So there is no time for any detailed sizing.

So things are shaping up to probably three trips this year, one with the four of us (first trip for my wife) One with a buddy and all the kids, and one with me just taking my kids and their friends into the kawarthas.

Jim said...


I was able to contact John from Redtail paddle and he has been unavailable due to serious health problems.

I feel bad for hounding the poor guy about a couple of paddles..