Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hard to throw out my 2006 calendar

I am sitting in my office and look up to notice the that my 2006 Ontario outdoor adventure calendar is still faithfully hanging above my desk. With the month of December still staring me in the face, I take down the calendar and begin to flip through it one last time before placing it in the recycle bin. As I do, I notice all the important dates circled or written in and start to reminisce about what a great year it has been.

-My kids first day of school- (Lauren grade 1, Jacob J/K, Ethan Montessori School)
-Family trip to Nova Scotia
-Weekends at my parents house
-Jacob starting hockey
-Me and Gerry camping with our kids
-My first Marathon
-All the kids first soccer games of the year
-My Go-train trip fiasco getting to the Outdoor show
-Birthday Parties
-My 8th anniversary with the lovely Tanyia
-and our Algonquin Trip

Maybe this is why I am having such a sentimental attachment to this calendar. It is less about the lovely pictures and more to do with the events that occurred this year that defined who I am as a person, parent, husband and friend.

Of all the things that happened this year, there is one that will stand out as having the most direct impact on my life. It occurred while Gerry and I were on our trip last August, while on Burntroot lake and it permanently changed the way I look at myself as a father and husband.
It was a time where I completely let my guard down and unburdened myself of years of emotional baggage. Gerry was there for me, as only a best friend can be. His advice and unwavering support, further cemented our incredible friendship while helping me cope with things I had kept secret for years. The details are unimportant, but he made me realize that it is what I do now that defines who I am and that despite appearances, everyone has secrets.

Although I had Gerry promise never to speak of what was said that day, I could not let 2006 pass without letting him know how truly lucky I was to have him there that day and as my best friend every day.

Calendar recycled...

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