Monday, January 29, 2007

Running Update

I received an email over the weekend asking if I had given up running, as I had not mentioned anything about it in quite a while. After scanning my previous posts, you are right, it has been a long time since I updated my status, so with that in mind...

After I completed my first half marathon, I stopped running for a week to give my body a break and then started a lite speed program.

All the running leading up to the marathon took a real toll on my lower back and this time off would give me some time to heal...or so I thought. Once I started running again, my back started to get bad after any runs over 15 km. Over the next month, this pain continued to escalate until it was so bad I could not even stand in one spot for more then a few minutes without overwhelming pain. Nearing my breaking point, I reluctantly made an appointment with my wife's Chiropractor and knew that if this didn't work, I would have to give up running for good.

Despite being sceptical of Chiropractic, I continued to go and within 2 weeks almost all of my pain was gone, despite running every day! It has now been 3 months since my first treatment and I am happy to report that I am 100% pain free and running faster then ever before. The problem was caused by a few factors: not enough stretching, I have a flat lower back and I pushed myself way too hard without enough rest days.

As a result, I have changed my training program a great deal since I started running almost a year ago. I now run 5 and 10 km for speed once a week and run for a distance of 20 - 25 km once a week at a more relaxed pace. On my off days I cross train for intense, low impact cardio using a stair climbler or stationary bike for a 30 minutes. In addition to this, I am continuing my weight program and proud to say this is my fifth year doing the program!

My next half marathon is February 25th in Petebourough Ontario and this will be my first cold weather race. I have found training in the winter can be allot of fun, provided you have the right clothing. I wear two layers at all times to keep warm and block the wind. For head gear I wear a winter skull cap and face mask. But I found out the hard way what the most important piece of gearis... wind briefs.
I went running one day in minus 18 weather and forgot the to put them on. While running into the wind on a busy highway, it got so cold down there it started to hurt. After a few minutes it continued to get worse and I had no choice but to shove my hand down my pants just to warm things up. So try to picture this... I am still running down the street, but now I have my hand in my pants, wearing all black and a ski mask. I am lucky I wasn't arrested.

I have not forgotten my "wind protection" since and will be sure to report my results from the Peteborough Half Marathon next month.

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Vesper Peeps said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

That is a HILARIOUS Visual AHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAH Thanks for painting us the picture. This is really giving me a good giggle, a great way to end my day. :D HHAHAHA

Thank you for always bringing your truth and honesty to your posts, the reality really shines through and is appreciated. (thumbs up!) ;)