Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is where I beg for your help...

Hey everyone!

Today I was just blown away by the traffic on the blog...OVER 100 page views today(and counting) ...simply amazing!

I was talking about it with a work friend and they took a look at the site, counted the number of comments and were quick to point out how almost nobody leaves a comments. From this he (falsly) concluded that the traffic is being generated solely by Gerry and me.

I then bet him that I could have at least 20 comments posted by Christmas eve and this is where I need your help!

PLEASE POST COMMENTS I am begging you!!!


1) Gerry and I do not count
2) Each reader can only post once
3) Comments must include your name and comments on the blog

Thanks in advance for your time....oh and Steve if you are reading this, you better have that bottle ready 'cause you are going down!


SudMum said...

Seems like Steve and I were thinking along the same lines - hope this comment helps prove us both wrong!

I liked your "yoke" video clip but without the audio you would have looked a lot like an inmate in a padded room acting really wacko!!!

Anonymous said...

The yoke video was amazing. It reminded me of Andy Kaufman. The material, the lines, everything. I peed myself laughing when Jim said "and now 30 minutes have passed". I got a vision of him standing in the office, the clock quietly ticking away to itself. I had to wonder if he maybe put on a bit of elevator music while he stood there.


Anonymous said...

I have to ask - what do you do for a living?


Anonymous said...

I always like to read the blog because I have done trips in the past in this area. It's nice to see a couple of young boys redo all the old trails.


Anonymous said...

That's right, May, I used to go up there before Korea, but with my injuries I can't go up there anymore. It's good to read about these boys. The Yoke video made me a little nervous though.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is interesting. I would never canoe in to camp anywhere but the blog is interesting.


Anonymous said...


"I was talking about it with a work friend and they took a look at the site, counted the number of comments and were quick to point out how almost nobody leaves a comments. From this he (falsly) concluded that the traffic is being generated solely by Gerry and me."

The grammatical errors in this blog are astounding. Since you have requested comments, I must say that you should stop the misspellings, run on sentences, and incorrect pluralizations.

Mrs. Stromnecker

Anonymous said...

Have you had any feedback on your proposed route through the lower maintenance trails next summer? I have considered this route as well and wondered what it would be like.


Anonymous said...

Interesting Blog. I like to watch you develop into a capable canoeist.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Why are you talkings about canoeing in December? No one goes canoeing in December. Them lakes is all frozed up.

Becky Joe Skinner

Anonymous said...

I have had quite a bit of wine tonight and I find myself somewhat tipsy.

That said, I think the video of the yoke pads was a little bent. Was that a comedy sketch? Is the blog going to shuddenly read that Jim's favorite new pastime is stand up comedy? The one guy metioned about Andy Kaufman and I think that is bout rite. Jim, if you could think up another couple of skits like that you could easily make lettermen.

Anyways, here are your comments and keep up the good werk, I always check out the blog, good to see you becoming accomplished at the back country canoeing. You know, you could study some about how the voyageurs travelled like that. Might make an interesting post to show how you are travelling like them voyageurs.

Anyway, what the heck do you DO?


Anonymous said...

Bolt on Yoke pads are the worst gimmick ever! The best thing you could do is unbolt thema nd throw them in the lake.


Jim said...

Gerry and I got together Friday night to have a few drinks and later into the evening Gerry suggested we check out the comment count.
After the slow start, I was not holding out much hope of getting the required 20. But you have responded to my cry for help and I will do my best to respond to your questions in my next post.

Thanks to everyone for your comments, positive or otherwise. As of this time there are 13 (excluding mine) and climbing. Keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

I like the voyageur angle. That is basically what you are doing. Trying to get from one point to another in a day to make a multi day journey. I don't see any beaver pelts in your gear list though.


Anonymous said...

I check the blog every few days. I am into the same thing. Good to see.


Anonymous said...

I too read the blog. Interesting seeing someone go from scratch to all-out hardcore canoeist.


SudMum said...

Almost there .... hope you get to enjoy that bottle!!!

Anonymous said...

Well if you don't get the twenty, at least you were close. Are you going to get a nice ultralight Kevlar for Christmas?


Anonymous said...

I used to portage all those old trails back in the 60's and 70's. Reading these notes makes me want to give the old trails a new try. I bet there are still some good trout to catch up there on ice out. Maybe I will go next spring. Has anybody fished on ice-out in the spring there lately?


Anonymous said...

I am here once a week and always find it a good read.

Keep up the good work Jim!

Mark from Algonquin Adventures

Mungo said...

Well, I read your blog!
Mungo says Good Blog!