Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Incedible Digital Map of Algonquin FREE

I can't believe that I haven't posted this before now. This is just crazy!!

Jeffery M from the AA forums has created a new map that includes information from many other maps. It is incredible and he has made it available for free!

There is way more on this map then I have time to say, but here are some of, but not even close to all of the highlights.

  • Directions to every access points
  • All portage routes (Current and decommissioned...very cool!)
  • Lake depths
  • Hundreds of Points of interest gathered from some of the most experienced people around
  • Topography
  • All logging roads and other access points
  • Campsites (Current and decommissioned)
  • Terrain impressions
  • and so much more...
You can download your own copy Just check out the original thread where it was posted HERE.

I'm going to get it printed and here is what Jeffery M suggests would produce the best printing job should any of you wish to do the same.

"Try 43.876" wide by 37.5" tall if you want to match the printed scale of 1:125 000. I'd suggest using the 500dpi jpg to print (The PDF takes wayyyyy too long). Although 300dpi is good enough for printing, I suggest using the 500dpi image because you're scaling it up for printing and of you only use the 300dpi image you'll have less than 300 dpi after doing the scaling."

I hope you find it as amazing as I do.


Mungo said...

It is a terrific piece of work. It nearly ate my computer when I downloaded the file and tried to open it with Photoshop however... I'll have to check the copyright and restrictions, but I might make some more manageable - web-browser friendly versions.



Anonymous said...

if you get it printed, let us know how it turns out! the same thought crossed my mind.

Jeff said...

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it.

Mungo: It's posted under a creative commons license so you're more than welcome to make a more web friendly version - in fact I'd really appreciate it.


Mungo said...

Excellent Jeff - thanks! I'll start working on it in the next week or so.