Friday, May 16, 2008

Hammock Cold Bum Soloution

Back in March of the is year I posted about what may be the only knock on the Hennessy Hammock. At night when it gets cold we need to sleep on top of our Thermarest pads to keep warm and during the night if your bum, arm, leg or any other appendage happens to slip off the pad it gets cold and you have to wake up and reposition yourself. It's the only annoying part of the sleeping in a Hammock. I thougth about using the idea outlined in my previous post, but I'm not brave enough to try the Z pattern of adhesive on my Thermarest, so I figured there must be a better soloution.

Well there was and as reader "Reeeock" recently suggested, the best is by a company called "Jacks are Better" and they specialize in accessories for the Hennessey Hammock. Cool eh? The only problem is the $230 price tag! OUCH!!! That's more then I paid for the Hammock, so I can't justify that kind of money for what is essentialy a sleeping bag that attaches to the outside of the hammock.

A similar, but MUCH cheaper idea is outlined HERE but here is the quote:

"...However, a Gossamer Gear ThinLight Evazote sleeping pad (Wide-Long if available) slung in a Jacks R Better Weather Shield bottom cover (at present, only their top cover is out of stock) is much cheaper, lighter and almost as warm as the Hennessy under-pad/under-cover system. The JRB Weather Shield has the advantage of being able to sling a quilt as well as a sleeping pad"

Still not exactly cheap, but $60 is much easier to handle.

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