Wednesday, May 21, 2008

FREE headphones for life?

This is the headphone model I have used for years and love them. They are made by Sony and are the only ones I have found that will not come off while I run or bike and will still work even if they get soaking wet. They have great sound and offer a comfortable, low profile design, at a price that can't be beat and man, can these things take a beating. You can check them out HERE.

I bought my original pair from the "The Source" AKA Radio Shack, two years ago. When I bought then they offered me their extended warranty for an extra $6. I wasn't going to get it, but considering this was my second pair in a year and how hard I am on them I figured why not?
Well since then they have broken three times and each time they replace questions asked. Today was pair number four and again no problems with getting the replacement.

If you happen to be in the market for a good set of headphones, check these out and you won't be disappointed...but make sure you get the warranty. ;)

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