Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Canoe Plans Update

Lots of stuff going on right now and all of it good! Here are the highlights.

  • Canoe for Sale - Last week at this time I didn't have a canoe and now I have two! It's kind of funny actually. The first one I bought was the Langford Prospector I posted about and despite being a bit heavier then I had planned on, it was love at first site. Then two days later, I found a great deal on a Swift Algonquin 16 Ultra-lite. The swift was in even better shape then the Langford and it too had only been used a handful of times. It only weighs 46 lbs and I can lift it over my head using one hand with little effort. It makes me wonder how much the "52 lb" canoes we have been renting really weighed, as they were much heavier. So now I have two. If you know anyone looking for a good canoe, I'm selling the Langford for exactly what I bought it for and you can check it out HERE on Craigslist.
  • Temagami - The plans for CC2008 have taken a back seat to life the last week, but the maps and Haps Book on the area arrived and I look forward to looking them over with Gerry. We haven't had a chance to go over the details of the trip yet, so there is much to talk about.
  • Building a Garage Canoe Rack - I have designed a simple rack that will allow me to keep the canoe safe and out of the way. It uses heavy metal L brackets and 2 X 4's and I think it will work well. I will post some pics after it's up.
  • Where to find Kneeling Pads? - The Swift doesn't have some of the neat features of the Langford does and one of my favs are the kneeling pads. I want to add them, but the few I found were really expensive. Does anyone know where to find high density pads that don't cost $100?

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