Friday, May 02, 2008

Home away from home

Although years...and years and...(you get the idea).... years away, Tanyia and I have been looking at our options for retirement. I would like to have some property in the Algonquin area where I could put a small cabin to use as a base camp for my trips. It would have no electricity or plumbing, but would have a wood stove, be completely winterized and able to sleep 6. There are lots of options, but I found this article from the National Post that gives a great overview of some of the options available for a simple shelter, many I had never heard of before. Check it out!

My personal favorite is the Yurt.

Tanyia has recently expressed interest in going on a canoe trip next year. This is a monumental moment here folks. I figure if I can get her out on an easy route the first time. and get her hooked, my life will be complete. It's all theory at this point, but I may have a girl other then Gerry to go on trips with! ;)

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