Monday, May 05, 2008

BIG development on the canoe front!

I don't have much time to write this up, but I just had to let everyone know about the deal I what I think is the deal of a lifetime I just made for a used canoe.


-Langford 16'6" Prospector, Kevlar,
-2 years old and used twice
-In like new condition
-With 2 adult and 2 kids paddles and PDF's

for just $1300!!!! This canoe is worth $2900 new.

I'm going to see it tomorrow and if it checks out then I have my dream canoe for a steal of a price. It is a little more then I had wanted to pay, but how can I pass up a deal like this?

I will update with pics and more after I pick-it up...I AM SO EXCITED!!!


Anonymous said...

Congrats Jim, Langford's rock!
And a red one too, everybody wants a shiny red canoe eh? I had a shiny red Langford canoe once ... i still get the occasional paddling rights to him ... now I want a shiny green Otter Langford ... but i'm gonna refer to it as 'him' 'cause a Langford just doesn't have that girl thingie going on, despite the beaver on the bow :) See, now, it's OK if I say that (insert wink here).


Anonymous said...

sweet deal. was it from an outfitter? "used twice" would make me think otherwise!