Friday, May 02, 2008

Don't be frightened's just math!

While reading another excellent trip log from a trip to Ishpatina in Oct 2005 the writer mentioned that he departed the put in (Beauty Rd and Montreal River) at 9:30 and arrived one lake north of Scarecrow lake (our destination for CC2008) "...just before sunset". I wanted to know how long it took him to get that far and then use that to see if it was possible for Gerry and I to do it in a single day.

I found a site that reports the sunset and sunrise times for Canada and you can set it for any date past or present. So I punched in the date and presto... for the Ottawa area, on October 9, 2005 the sunset at 6:28 pm. So it took him 9 hours to go 90% of the way. For the record I had to use my fingers to count, but no toes....I repeat no toes! This is great news for Gerry and I, as we will be moving much faster then a solo canoe and will hit the water earlier....not to mention that the sun doesn't set until 8:30 pm, so we can easily do this trip in day if we choose too.

I had intended on writing up the itinerary for CC2008 today, but it appears that won't happen. I promise to have it posted ASAP...maybe even tonight...if I don't fall asleep first. Very tired right now.

In case I don't post again, have a great weekend everyone!

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