Wednesday, April 09, 2008

CC 2008 Route has been Decided

As I mentioned a few posts ago, our route for CC 2008 has been chosen and the winner is....

Access Point 11 Opeongo ->Proulx -> Little Crow -> Big Crow -> Hogan -> Muir -> Merchant -> Happy Isle -> Opeongo

The dates still have to be decided on and this will depend on when some personal stuff for Gerry falls into place, but it will most likely be a 3 nighter the first weekend after Labour Day weekend.

Day One:

Arrive at access point 11 as soon as Algonquin Outfitters are open. ( I believe 8 am, but will have to check). Take water taxi to Proulx Lake and them make our way to Big crow which is where we will spend our first night. I have wanted to go to the this lake for a LONG time, so I hope to land one of the sandy site on the East side. It will be cool to check out the old fire tire and ranger cabin. I may try to climb it, but by no means does that mean I endorse anyone else trying it.

Day Two:

Make our way from Big Crow to Muir and make camp on one of the many sites. I want to find out if there is a site that is better then the rest and will look to the AA forums for recommendations.

Day Three:

Today we get to venture into the low maint portage trails that lead from Muir to our the final destination of the trip, Happy Isle Lake. I had considered spending the night on Merchant, but decided on Happy Isle after reading all the glowing reports of those that have visited it and the reports of leaches in Merchant was all the extra convincing required. I would love to be able to get the site described HERE. It looks to have everything we look for and would be a perfect place to spend the last night of CC 2008.

Day Four:

Today we will make our way to the western tip of the north arm where we will be picked up by the water taxi.


Suds said...

So that's why my plans had to shift... you published the fact we wanted Sept and now we have to go in Aug! LOL! I appreciate the flexibility on the timing of the trip buddy! I can't wait to see another part of the park we love so much.


Anonymous said...

Very cool - we are going to do that same trip but in reverse order - Aug 15 to 19 - group of 8 people
Your solo blog was very well written and inspirational