Monday, March 31, 2008

Drive-by Weekend Update....

The weekend was one filled with highs and lows. Here's the Coles Notes version.

Back Pain...back?- A bit of a setback on the pain front. Last Friday while doing my leg workout, I tore part of my right glute....that's right, I tore my ass! At the time it wasn't that bad, so I continued with the workout and even struggled through my planned run. A few hour later it started to become a bit painful and by Saturday morning it had become so uncomfortable that I was limping. Over the course of the day all that limping caused me some pretty serious back pain that even my miracle stretch couldn't fix. I was pissed! Just when I thought all this was behind me here it comes again. I had to take meds on both Saturday and Sunday and skip my hill run, but I'm happy to say that things are on the mend and this morning I'm "back" to my pain free life....thank god.

CC 2008- Gerry and I got together last Friday night to discuss (...amongst other things) CC 2008. Since last years trip, we have both developed a love of the low maint routes and so this years trip had to include some of the "black lines". This year we also wanted to visit somewhere new to us, explore new lakes and experience a different part of the park. After we batted around a few different possibilities, we decided on the route and I will post it later today. I'm very excited as this is a trip I have wanted to do for a LONG time....HINT Access point 11 :)

Minor Hockey Season Almost Over- Jacob's Minor Tyke team finished the preliminary playoffs tied for first in the league and yesterday we played the heavily favoured "green team" in the first of our 3 game mini-series to determine the A champion. Well to say they destroyed us would be putting it mildly. At the end of the second it was tied 1:1, but our guys ran out of gas in the third and we ended up losing 10-1....OUCH! We play them again Tuesday and I will update with results. PS I hate that green team

Hit and Run-
With all the euphoria over my lack of back pain I forgot to mention that my van was hit last weekend. After Jacob's game we came out to find a BIG dent in the corner of the bumper and by dent I mean the whole corner crushed in. It didn't bug me that much, after all it's just a thing, but the thought that it may have been someone I know is eating away at me.

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Jeff said...

Hi Jim ..... (glad the pains are under control)

As for your puzzle, my quess is:

Openogo>Wright>Bonfields past Dickson (maby stopping in to see the 340 year old red Pines) and then on to Little Crooked to see the remains of the 1972 Tornato. (a trip I hope to take one day)

Just a quess though. In any case, I'm thrilled that CC2008 is on and in full planning force.