Monday, March 17, 2008

Now that's what I call customer service!

For years I have used Lakota Sport topical pain reliever for the various aches, pains and strains that come with training for Marathons and more recently, triathlons. It many ways it's a miracle in a bottle that allows me to train hard and still live a normal life despite the pain that comes with injury.

So I was more then a little shocked when after going to three different pharmacies I wasn't able to find it. I little worried I called Lakota and asked them if there was a production problem...."...please let it be a production problem!", I thought to myself. Just then a lovely (...sounding) girl named Carmen answered. I asked here what was going on still hoping against hope that it was just a problem with the stores I had gone too. But it turns out that they stopped making it to "....allow them to focus on researching better ways to help more people in pain". At this point I am convinced that I am absolutely SCREWED! What am I going to do without that incredible orange gunk that makes the pain, go away I thought to myself. To keep this in perspective, it's not "real" cancer pain or getting kicked in marbles kind of pain...but it does get pretty uncomfortable. Anyway back to Carmen...

She asked what I used it for and I went on for a LONG time about my training and how it's the only thing that worked for me. After a few more minutes of me begging her to start selling it again she tells me to hold for a minute. When she come back on the phone, she informs me that she went to he warehouse and has in her hand the last 6 bottles in the country. That's awesome right? gets better. She then asks for my mailing address 'cause she is sending them to me for free. Who does that? Amazed I thanked her up and down. She then tells me that she will call around and see if she can find anymore. I thank here for here time, but no wanting to trouble her, tell here not to worry about it and thank her for getting the 6 she had.

True to her word, I get a call from her the next day confirming that she has mailed me the 6 bottles and that she has since managed to find 2 more and will be sending those out the following day. Crazy eh?

I know this is a bit rambly even for me, but in this time where most companies don't give a crap about customers I thought everyone needed to know about one that sincerely did.


Anonymous said...

I don't know Jim ... if I were you i'd keep the bunny rabbits hidden for a while. She does have your address after all :)


Jim said...

Just the Lakota Mam...just the Lakota :)