Monday, March 03, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

Hockey, hockey and even more hockey!That pretty much sums up what went on and excluding going to Algonquin, is there a better way for a Canadian to spend the weekend?

Jacob had his final tournament of the year on Saturday and his first playoff game Sunday morning and I could not be more proud of what he accomplished. Now both days were a blast and here are the highlights...

  • He scored his first ever hat trick and was named MVP of the tournament despite being the youngest player and playing against kids 2 and 3 years older then him (see video below, he is # 15 in white)
  • Although they lost the championship game Jacob was given a special medal and a poster of Joe Thornton for winning MVP
  • On Sunday he scored 2 goals in his first ever playoff game, as his team went on to beat the third best team in the league 6-4

Saturday night I had a few guys over to watch UFC 82 and this even did not disapoint. After it was over we were trying to decide who would host the next one when we realized that we will be at the next one!


I have been told by a few readers that they couldn't get the Blogger video to work , so I have uploaded it to youtube as well and you can watch it below. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Aneta said...

Yes rally nice weekend and really nice blog !!!