Friday, April 18, 2008

Canoe Fund Update

With my birthday just around the corner my family have again come through with "birthday money". As I have said before, at 36 (...almost 37) I fell a little guilty about accepting cards stuffed with cash from family....but still not guilty enough to turn it down I guess. So with me never wanting to hurt any anyone's feelings, I continue to graciously accept their generosity. That's nice of me eh???

Anyway, with all the recent contributions to the "Jim Birthday Gift Fund" of late, my Canoe Fund has grown considerably. With just over 3 weeks until I pick up my used canoe from the Portage Store, I already have over the $1200 I expected to pay for my used canoe. Excellent news. No more renting canoes....YEAH!!!!

I would like to lightheartedly thank....

  • Mom and Dad - For your incredible ability to send heartfelt birthday Hallmarks filled with cheques just when they are most needed. I Thank and love you both!
  • Betty and Joe - Cash is king and so are both of you! Thank you!
  • Linda - You put the "Money" in money order. Thank you so much! All kidding aside, we have been through some real ups and downs over the past 9 years....thanks for you patience and love.

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Anonymous said...

I made it onto your blog - I feel honoured - I now exist in your virtual world - much appreciated!