Monday, April 03, 2006

We leave 4 months from today!!!

Here I am sitting at my desk this morning, when I look up and notice that the month on my calendar needs to be changed. So as I flip the page on my "Ontario Outdoor Adventure" calendar from the cross-country skiers of March, to the Point Pelee Marsh picture in April, I notice the date...

Today is April 3rd and we leave for our trip on August 3 rd! This means just 4 short months until Gerry and I leave for our trip. (...and I figured that out without the use of calculators, sliderules or an abacus...thank you Mr. Link and your patience in Grade 9 math class)

It may seem like a long time away, but we have been planning this trip since we returned from the last one and that 8 months ago. Wow...hard to believe that eight months has gone by that quickly, so the next 4 should just be blur.

On a different note, I had some of the pictures from last years trip enlarged to 8 X 10 to hang in my office ( I have included them in this post). I just bought a bunch of cheap dollar store frames and hung them all in a row. They look great and it may seem kind of corny, but just having them on the wall makes me happy. One of the unexpected things from last years trip was how much I enjoyed photography. I had never really had much of an interest, but I found that I loved finding that perfect shot and if I may say so, I think some of the pictures are rather good.
Last year Gerry and I shared a camera, but this year we each have our own. This year we will both have our own digi-cams, so this has the potential for some heated do many things with Gerry and I.
Example: "The who can throw the pinecone closest to the center of the dirt circle game" We invented/played last year and it is soon to be included in the Olympics.
Although Gerry claimed victory last year, I have reason to believe the French judge had been bribed.

I should get back to work, but it is great to know that the trip is just around the corner.


Suds said...

Yeah, that's it. I shot a wheel of brie and chardonney to the french judge. Or maybe you just have bad aim!


Jim said...

I remember it a little different...

If my aim was off, it was 'cause you kept whining about the smell from that dead bird and to this day you claim it was me that "created" the odor.

Bad aim my ass buddy!!!

Suds said...

Dead bird?

If you mean the one that crawled up your ass and died, then maybe.

You had a big smile on your face when you came back from the port-a-potty area so it's not a big leap to make that you were the "author" of that smell. LOL!

Jim said... mean the outdoor toilet that was 2 or 3 hundred feet away?

Nice try Suthers and by the way...

...I am the first to admit that on occasion I have let out some awful smells from that part of my anatomy, but I have yet to see any beaks or feathers.

Suds said...

that's 'cause you're in the front of the canoe!

Mick said...

Wow, you have some beautiful pictures. It looks like we both have a passion for the outdoors. Check out my blog, I am into Ontario's caves. There are lots still to be discovered, they are virgin places where no human has ever trod. Mick