Friday, April 07, 2006

Gear List for 5 day Canoe trip

Well the time has come for me to start my gear list. For those that know me, this will come as no surprise. I am completely obsessive compulsive when it comes to all aspects of organization and my need to make lists is a natural extension of that compulsion...The list will be a work in progress and I will constantly be updating this post as things are added or removed,

LAST UPDATED ON APRIL 10, 2006:Gear List for 5 Day Canoe Trip

Gear List for 5 Day Canoe Trip
Clothing: (Including Clothes worn):

  1. 1 pair shorts

  2. 1 pair convertible pants

  3. 2 T-shirts

  4. 1 light long sleeved shirt

  5. Bathing Suit

  6. Tilley hat

  7. 1 pair merino wool socks

  8. 2 pair tube socks

  9. hiking boots

  10. bandanna

  11. hooded rain jacket and pants

  12. lightweight sandals

  13. 3  pair underwear

  14. Fleece hoodie
Equipment and Personal Items:
Kitchen Equipment:
  1. camp stove - check operation of stove

  2. 2 tanks of fuel (small and large)

  3. lexan fork, spoon and knife

  4. spatula

  5. 2 liter Teflon pot

  6. frying pan

  7. coffee filters ( in cup ones)

  8. dish wash items (biodegradable soap, dish cloth, j-cloth)

  9. fair share cup

  10. coffee cup

  11. 2 nalgene water bottles

  12. butane lighter

  13. wire whisk
General equipment:
  1. 3 man tent (Jim packs tent,  Gerry poles) - check for leaks

  2. nylon tarp (used for rain protection in camp) with set-up ropes attached.

  3. sleeping bag

  4. thermarest sleeping pad/chair

  5. repair kit (duct tape, clothes mending kit & spare buttons, , multi-purpose tool, and a pad patch kit)

  6. 50 to100 feet nylon 3/8 inch bear rope, light-weight cording and string

  7. folding saw

  8. first aid kit (mole skin, antibiotic, anti-diarrhea, small scissors, elastic bandage, pain relievers, sun burn lotion)

  9. toilet paper (double bagged)

  10. life vests

  11. spare zip-lock plastic bags of various sizes

  12. water filter and j-cloth for intake

  13. maps and laminated info

  14. 1 day pack (Gerry or me)

  15. bungee cords to fasten fishing rods to gunwale

  16. towel

  17. chess set

  18. garbage bags, 1 contractor + 1 regular

  19. small rescue mirror

  20. 1 bottle biodegradable soap

  21. wind/water-proof matches

  22. sharp hatchet

  23. camp pillow
Hip/Camera pack:
  1. butane lighter, paper, canoe tipper

  2. compass

  3. 2, two-ounce bottles bug repellant (at least 30% DEET content)

  4. Map

  5. chap stick

  6. Swiss army knife

  7. journal + pen

  8. epinephrine , antihistamine, vitamins, Motrin

  9. camera, film, memory cards, pod, solar charger, extra batteries

  10. Sunglasses, rope

  11. headlamp

Internal Frame Pack:
  1. fishing rod,  basic tackle, fish batter, knife, license,

  2. sunscreen

  3. Stuff sack all items (packed inside the large personal pack)

  4. toiletries :toothbrush, paste, safety pins, towel, , soap

  5. small paperback book (optional but nice for camp-bound days)
Other Items and considerations:
  1. OHIP, drivers license, bank card, visa, cash

  2. Itinerary and phone numbers left with someone at home.

  3. Hide key on or near vehicle to avoid carrying a key on the trip

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