Monday, April 10, 2006

New features added

I added the "Algonquin 2006 Countdown" to the top of my sidebar over the weekend. This started as me thinking it would just take a minute or two and turned into an hour I can never get back. It was not as easy as I thought it would be, as most of the countdown timers require uploading to the host server and from what I could see on blogger, this would not be possible. So this one is not as elaborate as the timer I originally wanted, but it does the job. It is cool to see the time tick away and in case you were wondering...yes it is in real time! I just hope that I have not made the blog look junkie by adding some extras and I trust that someone will let me know if it does. (Yes Gerry, I am talking to you)

The weekend was quiet, but just what I needed. Gerry and I got together Friday night and we managed to have a few laughs, share some bottled water and talk about the trip. I could talk Algonquin 24/7 and fortunately for Gerry, this is one of many areas where he and I are so similar. In my world he is one of few people that have the same passion and thirst for information. It is very cool to know that my best bud and I can talk about all things Algonquin without getting the usual blank stares. ( See our wives for an excellent example)

I have to get back to it, but I would like some feedback on the countdown and if anyone has suggestions on better ones I would like to hear them...

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