Monday, April 17, 2006

Slight Change of Plans

First off, what a great Easter weekend! We spent the Friday with my parents at their place in Uxbridge. My sisters Jo and Kate were there as well with there family's. It is always great to get together with them, but for no particular reason this holiday meant more to me then usual. The rest of the weekend was spent at home with the kids. The weather was incredible and we took full advantage by going to the park and just playing outside without the need for coats for the first time this spring. Again ...a great weekend!

Gerry and I got together Friday night just to hang out, talk and play some xbox. When the conversation inevitably turned to Algonquin, we decided to finalize our travel plans. The original plan was for us to leave home at 5:00 am on Aug 3rd and we would arrive at Brent around noon. Keeping in mind our goal for day one is to make it from Brent to Burnroot Lake before sunset. Although this is not impossible, with us leaving Brent so late in the day, it would make having to go at 90% for about 6-7 hours a must. This is not to say we are not up to the challenge, but we would also like time to take pictures and appreciate the natural wonders.

This is when Gerry came up with a brilliant idea...leave the night before! So instead of driving up that morning, we will leave at 4:00 pm Wednesday Aug. 2nd and arrive at Brent around midnight. We will either sleep in the car or more likely on the ground for the night and in the morning we will grab some breakfast in Deux Riviers, before we pick up our canoe from the store at Brent. By doing this we can be on the water by 9:00 am (if not before) and be on Burntroot Lake by late afternoon. What a great idea!

This is a great example of how our styles compliment each other. I am a concrete thinker and I do my best when able to work in facts, research, organization and information. Gerry is an able bodied concrete thinking, but his real strength can be found in his ability to think in the abstract. I strongly believe that this is why we are such an effective team and it is these traits that will prove handy once we are put to the test this summer.

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