Monday, March 13, 2006

New Gym good, New tent not so much...

Well after a week and a half at the new gym I am happy to report that I love the new place. I still miss some of the things at Lifestyles, but with all of the new equipment and many familiar faces it is not that fact, it is pretty cool!

My new tent on the other hand is a bit of a disappointment. A while ago I decided to go super lite on my tent to save hauling my 9 lb, 2 man + gear tent. In order to do this I ordered a Lite Bivy Tent on eBay. From the pictures and the measurements it looked perfect...not to much extra space, store the gear problem!
When it arrived and I set it up it became clear that it was going to be too small for both Gery and I to sleep in without spooning. Unlike Gerry, this was not a selling point for me (just kidding buddy!).

The new tent will not go to waste though, as I will use it for my kids and use my heavy , but great tent on the trip(Mine tent is the Edmond Hillary on the left).

It's only money right?


Suds said...


When are you going to update this thing?

Jim said...

Unlike you G, I have to do work when I am at work