Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Chair Provides comfort without compromise

While browsing Lebarons online catalogue recently I found an inexpensive, collapsible stool that I thought would be perfect for Lauren to use on out trip this summer. I had seen a few people on the AA forums that have used them in the past, so put up a post asking what people thought of it. Many people responded and the reviews were mixed at best. Before long, people started to post chairs they use and for the most part, I had seen most of them before,

...until a member by the name of Dale posted a link to a chair that has the potential of becoming one of my favorite pieces of gear.

Introducing the Trail-Sling Ultralight!

Trail-Sling Ultralight

" The Trail-Sling™ Ultralight's patented collapsible frame makes it a portable genius! When packed down in its handy sack, the Trail-Sling™ Ultralight is as small as a water bottle! In addition to its amazing compactability, the Trail-Sling™ Ultralight unfolds to create a remarkably comfortable off-the-ground seat with back support, ideal after a long day of outdoor activities. The Trail-Sling™ Ultralight's small size is ideal for backpacking but it's so comfortable you'll use it for all your outdoor activities!"

It has received glowing reviews for it's comfort, weight and size. All this seem to good to be true? If you are like me, at this point you are thinking, "That's great but how much does it cost"?

Would you believe $19.00? Seriously, it's only $19 (+ delivery, tax)....crazy eh? You can even check HERE to find a retailer near you and avoid the shipping costs all together. I am luck enough to have a retailer fairly close to my home, so I went there yesterday to try it out. it ever awesome! They had one set-up in the store and it is hands down the best portable chair I ever ever sat in. It's even better then those larger and much heavier portable chairs we all use....much better. I plan to do a full review in the weeks to come, but this sums up the experience.... I went there thinking it might be a product worth looking at and left the store 15 minutes later after buying two.

I go looking for a cheap stool and end up finding the piece of gear that will change my comfort for every future canoe trip....I love the Internet!

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