Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CC 2008 may be cancelled

Yes, it seems to be true. Gerry and I have been going to Algonquin for our "Capsized Canoe" trips since 2005, but sadly, it looks as though the 2008 trip will not happen. Without getting into detail, Gerry is in the process of making some major changes in his life and these changes make it difficult for him to know his availability. It's not completely dead, but at this point if the trip was a person, it would be getting last rights while the vultures circled overhead.

I am not sure how to feel about it either. I want to hold onto hope that the trip that has become one of the highlights of the season for me will still happen, but that seems like a real long shot. I feel sad that what was a fun and very quickly becoming a stable tradition may be gone for good. Of course I can still go to Algonquin, but for me it was as much about the park as it was sharing time with one of only a few people that I felt 100% comfortable with. In my life, such a friend is a rare thing.

Now the "kids trip" will still happen, but it will now be a time for me to spend some time 1:1 with my daughter Lauren. I wish Gerry and his boys could have come, but having 3 days to show Lauren why I love the park will be a very unique experience and I look forward to sharing it with her.

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