Wednesday, May 03, 2006

We Leave 3 Months from Today! Sort of...

I say sort of, because technically it is 3 months from yesterday, but saying "We Leave 3 Months from yesterday" sounds retarded.

Spoke to Gerry about the Outback Oven and we both agree that we will get one too use for our evening meals. We will even be going as far as buying a few of the pre-packaged meals and desserts that are designed specifically for the Outback Oven. This will make dinner the tasty/ nutritional meal it should be, instead of the nurtitionly sound, but somewhat bland diet I had planned previously.

Gerry and I have been disagreement on what would be best to use for holding our purified water. Gerry was in favor of each of us using a hydration system that can connect directly to our water filer for filling and can then be zipped in our packs. There is a flexible straw that you attach to the front of you so you can have a drink at any time. At first I hated the idea, as I find sipping through a straw to be annoying when I am really thirsty and I had already planned on using a pair of Nalgene bottles. But when after talking to Gerry and reading about what the pro's use, I now agree with Gerry. I still plan to bring a Nalgene bottle to mix drink crystals, but will use the hydration system for all of my water needs.

We will be making a trip down to the Mountain Equipment Co-of in Toronto, Ontario to buy what will most likely be our last gear needs for the trip. The plan is to go down next Tuesday. I will meet Gerry at his work and we will go over together, then grab some dinner in the city. Just a small outing, but when he has anything to do with the trip, it is always a blast.

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