Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Overdue Update

I could not tell you how many times I have tried to update the blog over the last week and despite these attempts, this is the first time I have managed to get even this far. The past week or so has been busy at times and something had to give, but for now anyway, this week is looking calm and relatively easy. So I will use this time to give a much overdue update...

This past weekend was Victoria Day weekend in Canada (affectionately called May 2-4 weekend). This is the first long weekend of the season and for most, it announces that winter is over and that summer is upon us. This is a great thought, but for anyone who like me was trapped here in southern Ontario this weekend, that thought was as close as we would get to nice weather. After three days of rain, sleet and cold I am happy to see this crappy long w/e gone and hopefully that we have gotten the bad weather over with early. The next long weekend is July first Canada Day and then the August Civic Holiday that is our Canoe trip! It is so close I can almost hear the crackling fire and haunting call of the loons...(and yes by that I mean Gerry and I)

I woke Saturday morning feeling sick. I almost never get sick and since Tanyia works every weekend, I did what I could to keep the kids happy, all the while wanting to go back to bed. Since that was not going to happen, we had a movie day with popcorn, treats and a big warm blanket on the couch. The weather was bad, I was worse , but the kids were suprisingly great and shortly after lunch time , I felt much better. I always make an effort to spend time with the kids, but this was even more special the usual and I won't forget how a bad day for me , turned into a great day for our family.

I did not make it to the gym on Saturday and this was the first time in over a year that I have missed a day! It felt weird not going, I almost felt guilty about not being able to go. Tanyia said later that day "if you didn't go to the gym you must have been sick" and this made me feel better about it. She always knows what to say. On Sunday I was back at my routine, but while running I still felt sluggish. Any of the hangover from my mystery illness was gone by Monday as I again felt strong and sailed through the running and lower body routine.

Trip Notes:

  • As Gerry noted in one of his recent updates, I found a great deal on a piece of gear at a garage sale last weekend. As I was taking a look through the dozens of tables of the usual crap, I found and later purchased an almost brand new Coleman Lantern for the brain price of $5.00. The funny thing was, the night before Gerry was talking about how it would be great to have one...now that is Karma! On Gerrys advice I purchased the hard case to protect the lantern, but it does not fit my model. I may return it in favor of the soft case, but will give Gerry the chance to "McGiever up" the hard case first

  • The compass and watch I ordered off of eBay arrived from Japan last week and both are better then advertised. That makes 3 things ordered from the far east without a problem

  • Gerry and I still have to arrange a time to go to MEC to purchase our remaining items mentioned in my last post, but neither of us is in a hurry

  • Just over 2 months before we leave!!!

I will post again soon...no really I will!


Suds said...

it's about time you updated!

Jennifer said...

I came across your blog when doing research for my upcoming algonquin trip this summer. Such a wealth of information! Thank you!

I was sad to read about Marie's troubles - and wanted to leave this for their family to access (although they may already have it by now). It's the Motherisk information page - a source for evidence-based information about the safety or risk of drugs, chemicals and disease during pregnancy and lactation. They are based out of SickKids Hospital in T.O. They have a phone number to call and get information on medications during pregnancy and any studies that have been done for her medication. It will also be a good place for her to talk to a healthcare professional about any concerns/worries she has.


Thanks for all your canoe trip tips! Will be thinking of your neighbours and wishing them well through this tough time.

Jim said...

Thanks for your words of support for Gerry and Marie. I will be sure to pass on the link.

As for the blog...I started this as a place just to keep all of my Algonquin Info. at and I continue to be blown away by the traffic it has generated. I am glad you liked it and that it may of been some help to you.

Thanks for stopping by Jen!