Monday, May 01, 2006

Confirmation and Reservation...

What a great weekend! The weather is just incredible and I had the kids outside for most of Saturday and Sunday. It was so warm that there was even a hint of summer in the air…yes the trip is getting that much closer.

On Friday I received our “Backcounty Camping Confirmation” in the mail from the Ontario Parks Department. Ever since I opened that envelope I have not been able to stop thinking about Algonquin. I can not express how excited I am about this trip and it is still over 3 months away! Fortunately, Gerry is into all things Algonquin as much (if not more) then me, so neither of us has to bother anyone else.

I booked our canoe with Algonquin Outfitters today. It is a 16 foot Expedition Grade Kevlar canoe that weights in at a very slender 52 pounds! Kevlar® is a patented super strong, super light, heat resistant material. Made by Dupont, kevlar has a strength to weight ratio over 5 times that of steel and loses no strength due to U/V exposure. It is no surprise that this is the material that is universally used in bullet proof vests…and me and Gerry’s canoe!

  • Highly Stable

  • Above average load Capacity

  • Good tracking and speed

  • Versatile Hull design

I have included some pics that are similar to this canoe.

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