Monday, May 01, 2006

Fresh Baked Brownie or Pizza in the Backcountry?

After I posted the "Meal Plan" Gerry was quick to suggest that we add a touch of gourmet to the meals. Inspired by this , I searched for a product first mentioned in the Backpackers Handbook called the Outback Oven.

Here is an overview of the product:

Outback Oven 10"-Weight: 450.0 g

A civilized solution to the problem of mushy one-pot meals. A heat-dispersing burner plate, a non-stick frypan, a lid with a built-in thermometer, all covered with a heat-reflecting fabric “tent” to form a stovetop oven, letting you produce fresh-baked pizzas, breads, biscuits, and rolls on the trail. Convenient mixes made especially for the Outback Oven are available, or you can use supermarket mixes and your own recipes. Works with most single-burner campstoves (not for use with stoves where the burner sits directly over the fuel tank or fuel cartridge, due to the danger of overheating).

Still not convinced? Read this article about the experienceses of these guys using this oven and you will be lucky not to drool all over your keyboard.

Here is a list of Outback Oven Recipes I stumbled over.

I want to talk to Gerry about this before I make a final decision, but this could be the difference between a good meal and a gourmet meal!


Suds said...

okay, so when are picking up our outback oven? LOL!

Here's the 10" kit at MEC:

and here's the kit minus the pan so we can use our own and not double up on the weight of a pan:



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