Monday, May 08, 2006

Free Map of Algonquin Park Canoe Routes

UPDATE July 31, 2009: Since I made this post a new map has been made available. It is the most accurate and detailed Algonquin map ever made and best of is also FREE! The original PDF map is still around, but really should only be used as a reference, as it is fraught with errors (for example, many campsites are missing or not where they are indicated and lake shapes are misleading or in some cases have bays that don't even exist!). PLEASE do not use this map to navigate the park, it is out of date and will only bring you problems. Use it at your own risk.

HERE is a link to the new map and be sure to let it's creator, Jeffrey McMurtrie, know if you like it and that you heard about it here.

As I was looking for a new Algonquin pic to use on my desktop, I stumbled upon something I have been trying to find for a LONG time....the elusive PDF version of the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map.

The group Friends of Algonquin Park publish a printed version of the map annually and I have been told that once upon a time, the PDF version was available for download directly from them. I guess they realized that with the quality of printers available today, almost anyone could print off a high quality map and forgo the $20 cost of the paper version, so the free map was removed. Until now, every link I have found referenced back to the original (now dead) link...until now. It is still being made available for free download from the University of Toronto's server.

I should note, I do own a paper copy of the map and I do not agree with screwing the good people at Friends of Algonquin Park. They do excellent work and deserve the $20 for the map. I just want to be able to print off sections of the map or use it to post my canoe route and now...we all can!

CLICK HERE to download the PDF version of the Algonquin Park Canoe Routes Map


Tom Switzer said...

Thanks a lot! I end up buying one of these everytime I go on a trip. For some reason, they always go missing. Hrmmm.

For posterity, I've mirrored it on my site as well:

Anonymous said...

This map is AMAZING!

mm said...

many thanks!
hard to plan a canoe trip to Algonquin without this, and local stores don't carry it.

Randy M. - Algonquin Outfitters said...

Just remember guys this is a PDF of an old Algonquin Park Canoe Route Map. It's great to look at but not the best to take on a trip or even seriously plan a trip from. Nothing worse than a soggy map in the middle of Algonquin Park that you no long can read because the ink has ran.

Check out the Adventure Maps from Chrismar Maps or the Backcountry Mapbook's Map of Algonquin Park, both are highly detailed and best of all waterproof.

Martin said...

That's why you print out the relevant portions and get them laminated!

Anonymous said...

i suggest using a standard map bag with this map and possibly a topo map, although i found this map was good on its own

Anonymous said...

Algonquin outfitters is a huge ripoff and i wouldnt recommend taking their advice, especially when they tell you to buy things

Jim said...

I have added an update to this post that includes a link to the new map. Guy's PLEASE don't use this map to navigate the park. It's just not accurate.

As for Algonquin Outfitters, I have always had a positive experiences with them and can not recommend them enough. Before I bought my first canoe in the 2008, I was forced to rent and they were my Outfitter of choice for over 10 trips and never had a problem. I am sorry that the Anon posters experience was a bad one, but I would like to think that is the exception.

Thanks to everyone for reading.

Anonymous said...

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Savy said...

First time going canoeing...thanks for the map!